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PA-13: Third Party Group Launches Pro-Boyle Ad

Building A Better PA is running a pro-Brendan Boyle ad in the Democratic primary race for PA-13.

“Brendan Boyle’s millionaire opponents are attacking. But the truth? Brendan Boyle stood up against Governor Corbett to protect a woman’s right to choose and he will defend Planned Parenthood,” a female voice reads. “A janitor’s son, the first in his family to go to college, Boyle will fight for the middle class and make sure the wealthy pay what they owe. More than half of Congress are millionaires, another millionaire in Congress won’t change anything – Brendan Boyle will.”

pro boyle adThe short spot is running on broadcast in Philadelphia.

The ad is likely a counter to fellow PA-13 Democratic competitor Daylin Leach’s ad that hits Boyle hard for his voting history on reproductive health.

“Somebody doesn’t believe in a woman’s right to choose: Brendan Boyle,” the ad states.

The women in the spot back up this claim by citing Boyle’s sponsorship of HB 1314 and his vote for SB 372. They also cite an April 2nd article from Keystone Politics last month that reported that the organization “Democrats for Life of Americalisted Boyle as a “Pro-life All-Star” in 2004.

“We need someone who’s for women’s rights: Daylin Leach,” the women state. “He knows women can make their own decisions, not politicians.”

Val Arkoosh’s campaign released a mailer on the same subject. The piece portrays Boyle as out-of-touch with women who require reproductive health services, mammograms and preventive care.

Former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies is also running.

4 Responses

  1. I watched it on YouTube. Seems like a pretty good commercial. Too bad it did not mention the failure of Leach and Arkoosh to release several years of tax returns.

  2. “On Monday, an anti-choice website incorrectly noted that eight abortion clinics in Pennsylvania have closed since 2012. In fact, six facilities providing surgical abortion have closed in that time period.

    The site had included two Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood facilities that closed last year—Planned Parenthood of Collegeville and the Carlisle Health Center—as “abortion clinics.” In fact, both clinics provided contraception, but neither clinic provided abortions.

    Local news outlets picked up the misinformation, in some cases attributing the two family planning clinic closures to Act 122, the regulatory law passed in 2012 that mandated freestanding abortion clinics adhere to guidelines established for ambulatory surgical facilities. However, the two Planned Parenthood closures were not a result of Act 122, according to representatives from Planned Parenthood.

    “We decided to merge our Collegeville site with our Pottstown site in order to serve both communities in a larger, more modern facility that will be opening in June,” Dayle Steinberg, the CEO at Planned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania, told RH Reality Check.

    A spokesperson with Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates told RH Reality Check that the Carlisle Health Center, located near Harrisburg area, closed for logistical reasons.

    Of the six supposed abortion clinics that closed since 2012, two—Allentown Medical Services and American Women’s Services—were shut down by the state health department in April of 2012, prior to the implementation of Act 122. Both of these clinics were associated with rogue practitioner Steven Brigham, and were closed as a result of violations of the Abortion Control Act discovered by the state in the wake of inspections triggered by the arrest of Kermit Gosnell. (Brigham subsequently managed to open another clinic in the Philadelphia area, which was promptly shut down.)

    Four clinics in good standing shut down mostly as a result of Act 122. According to the Department of Health, three of those six shut down “voluntarily.” The fourth, in Chester, told RH Reality Check that it closed because the clinic could not afford the architectural renovations required to adhere to the new regulations.”

  3. I am a pro choice woman and I support Brendan Boyle, and as he has stated and voted, he is pro choice too.

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