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PA-14 Petitions Being Circulated for Reschenthaler

Petitions are reportedly being circulated for state Sen. Guy Reschenthaler for a run in the new 14th Congressional district.

According to the Post-Gazette petitions are already being circulated, despite state Rep. Rick Saccone also circulating petitions in the district.  Saccone is coming off a loss in the special election in the 18th Congressional district.

State Sen. Kim Ward (R-Westmoreland) has supported Reschenthaler entering the race.
“I have zero interest in this race — I thought about it for maybe 20 seconds — and I want to see us hold the seat.  Guy’s a hard worker, and I’m fearful of the mantra that ‘This is a safe Republican seat.’ I feel like I’ve heard that before at some point in the past couple months. I’m going to support someone who will work hard and raise money,” Ward told the Post-Gazette.  

Ward said that Saccone got his chance “but the party put $12 million into him, and it didn’t work, so I’m going to support another candidate.”

8 Responses

  1. You have the county chairmen to thank for all of this nonsense. If these conferee processes were fair in the first place, we wouldn’t be sitting in this position. We need to remember things like this when it’s time to decide on county leadership.

  2. A big thank you card should be given to Kim Ward by the D’s and Lambs camp. Thanks to her pettiness in the confreee process. She allowed the worst candidate to emerge. Thus leaving the door open for Lamb to possibly have a real shot at winning.

    Lamb was the D version of Guy on paper. The D’s picked him in anticipation of Guy winning. However, Kim and her high school nonsense, couldn’t let her hatred for Guy not tolerating her bafoonery, allow her to let her people get behind him in the vote.

    Once again. Thanks Kim Ward!

      1. The D’s picked him because he stood above the rest and personally engaged with the committee people. Unlike the Republican process which was not transparent.

  3. Well this is rich. She’s responsible for Saccone being the nominee in the first place. If she hadn’t pushed her votes to Saccone, Guy would have been the nominee and beaten Lamb by 8 points.

    I guess Kim and Guy made up.

  4. Ward’s pettiness in backing Saccone over Guy caused us to lose the seat in the first place

  5. If he could have run instead of Saccone, Lamb would be sitting at home, wondering why he lost so badly.
    The conferees really blew it, picking Saccone.

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