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PA-15: Rep. Dent Criticizes His Party’s Tactics

Charlie-DentRep. Charlie Dent has been unhappy the last few recent weeks with the tactics of the Republican Party.

In a piece by Scott Wong from The Hill, Dent is profiled and makes clear he is worried about his party pursuing strategies that are unfriendly to voters.

Dent has been perturbed for weeks now, and after the Republican retreat he said, “We had a speaker election that did not go as well as a lot of us would have liked…we got into a big fight over deporting children, something that a lot of us didn’t want to have a discussion about.”

Dent is now ripping his party for the threat of shutting down the Department of Homeland Security and claims that the Republicans, not the President, will be blamed.

“It’s important that we go about avoiding these types of cliffs or shutdowns that, in my view, won’t end well for us Republicans,” Dent told The Hill. “They will damage us as we move into a presidential year and damage our likely presidential nominees.”

Dent is primarily concerned with his own moderate district, where he did not face a primary or general election challenger last year.

“I write my own talking points,” Dent said. “A lot of things I’ve said reflect what many colleagues in marginal, swing districts are thinking.”

Rep. Dent also is troubled that the Republican Party seems to be focused on divisive, wedge issues and believes his party should be talking about things that relate to governing the country.

“Our job is to talk about how we are going to govern the country, grow the economy, create jobs, and focus really hard on sound economic message,” Dent explained. “If we engage too much with these divisive social issues, we do that at great risk.”

In terms of the current funding for DHS, Dent is uniting with Democrats for a clean bill that does not include riders, despite his objections to President Obama’s executive order that protects illegal immigrants from deportation.

7 Responses

  1. Seems to me that Rep. Dent read the tea leaves in his district. Since he covered such a wide range of issues, perhaps he should change parties.

    Oh, and the last election was not about immigration nor executive action. Most people support comprehensive immigration reform. The D’s just had a tough cycle.

  2. Congressman Dent sees that the inmates have taken over the asylum, he knows where that goes, and he knows it doesn’t end well. It’s refreshing to see a moderate speaking out.

  3. Democrats are hoping the GOP leadership “stands firm,” because the next election will be about the economy, jobs and income equality.

  4. Dent, Immigration and Obama’s unilateral approach to law are the two biggest things that the last election was about, not some “social wedge issue”. Yes, there will be a backlash – but only if leadership does not stand firm.

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