PA-16: President Obama Signs Pitts’ Bills into Law

PittsJoseph R. Pitts had two of his bills signed into law by President Obama last week.

As Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Health Subcommittee, Pitts introduced his bills in order to find quicker ways to get patients the drugs and treatments they need.

Pitts introduced H.R. 639, the Improving Regulatory Transparency for New Medical Therapies Act, on February 2. The House passed it by voice vote on March 16.

When enacted, H.R. 639 will ensure that the DEA schedules such products in a timely manner, bringing more certainty to the process and helping patients sooner.

Pitts also introduced H.R. 2340 on May 14, 2015. It passed the House on July 10 and the Senate as Section 4 of H.R. 639.

As enacted, this law puts companies manufacturing drug products that contain controlled substances in the U.S. on an equal playing field with foreign manufacturers who are not subject to similar export restrictions, with the aim of keeping manufacturing jobs from going overseas.

These restrictions include a ban on exporting controlled substances that will be exported a second time, and certain DEA regulations. This law removes both of these obstacles to American competitiveness.

On October 26, this amended version passed the Senate, and on November 25 President Obama signed it into law.

“These bills are part of my continued effort to speed up the delivery process for new and innovative drugs and treatments for American patients,” said Pitts. “Right now, sick people across our country are waiting for help. We cannot let government stand in the way of science. I appreciate the bipartisan support from the President and from my colleagues on behalf of this effort.”

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