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PA-17: Cartwright Announces Support for Iran Deal

matt-cartwrightCongressman Matt Cartwright is the latest ally to support the Obama Administration’s deal with Iran.

Earlier this week, Senator Bob Casey announced his support of the deal with a 17-page explanation and an extensive interview with Vox.

Since then, enough Senators have backed the deal to prevent Congress from overriding a veto although the President would like to accumulate the requisite 41 Senators to filibuster any disapproving measure.

Rep. Cartwright’s statement was not as long as Senator Casey’s but still lengthier than the typical press release. While Cartwright is a reliable Democrat in a safe seat, that hasn’t been a guarantee of support as Rep. Brendan Boyle proved.

Congressman Cartwright’s statement is included in full below:

“Of all of our nation’s goals in the Middle East, I believe preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is paramount. Failure to secure this objective would result in a regional arms race with horrendous implications and would certainly imperil our dearest ally, Israel.”

“Today I am announcing my support for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) because the agreement gives us better access to Iranian nuclear facilities than ever before, which will allow for better intelligence to detect any attempts by Iran to cheat on the deal and will provide immensely valuable information should hostilities arise with Iran. Under this agreement, we are able to closely monitor Iran’s significantly reduced stockpiles of enriched materials and centrifuges and regulate the import of any materials or machinery related to nuclear activities. It is obvious that our partners in these negotiations, including the United Kingdom, France and Germany, are ready to move forward with this agreement, and Russia and China appear likely to lift sanctions soon, so rejecting this deal unilaterally would provide little chance of bringing Iran back to the negotiating table for a better deal and would cause immense harm to our international influence and credibility.”

“I have not reached this conclusion lightly, as the agreement is obviously imperfect on several levels. Close and respected friends of mine adamantly oppose the JCPOA, and have correctly pointed out that it leaves gaping holes in its treatment of the full spectrum of egregious Iranian conduct. However, I have studied this matter closely, attending many classified security briefings, reviewing much classified documentation, and giving ample opportunity for all of the stakeholders to be heard.”

“On the narrow issue of preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, I find the JCPOA to be so comprehensive as to be unprecedented in its scope.”

“Accordingly, when and if the U.S. House of Representatives brings up a bill to disapprove the JCPOA, I will vote no, and if the House is asked to override a veto of such a bill, I will vote against that as well.”

5 Responses

  1. Obama stinks! He is both an anti Semite and anti Israel. He and his pimps in Congress sell out our Nation and our allies. Like Chamberlin at Munich- Obama Kerry and their marching pimps sell out to the scum of Tehran- David you ignore how many Americans have been killed by these cowards.

  2. The deal stops Iran making plutonium.

  3. Democrats and Democrats alone get all the credit for Iran and their proxy’s nuclear future.

    Perhaps it is Iran’s destabilizing effect in the middle east that makes John Kerry think Iran is a “good faith actor.” Maybe it’s their unrelenting pursuit of a nuclear weapon, according to all Western intelligence services. Or, maybe it’s their continued public pronouncements of “Death to America.” Probably all 3.

    The Democrats tell us to trust Iran. Trust that they will follow the secret side deals, which only our negotiation partners have read. We won’t even know if they’re right if Iran tells us what’s in them. We already know we disagree on what the text means in the agreement we can read.

    This administration from the beginning wanted to sunset the “unjust” sanctions and let the clock run out so that we had to take whatever the Iranian’s gave us. They knew it and played us. When we passed the first deadline and we decided not to lead by simultaneously asking for extended sanctions (the stick), Iran knew we were handing out carrots.

    Congratulations Democrats, you now own their proxy wars against our troops and the nuclear 9/11.

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