PA-18: Murphy Delivers Weekly GOP Address (VIDEO)

Last week, Pat Toomey gave the weekly Republican address.

This week, it’s Congressman Tim Murphy.

Rep. Murphy discusses his mental health reform bill, which was signed into law earlier this month.

“As a practicing psychologist, I have seen firsthand how difficult it is for families to navigate our broken mental health system,” Murphy stated. “Outdated laws prevent the families and caregivers from being a part of the treatment team—too often this has fatal consequences. We need treatment before tragedy, and care before crisis.”

“With this new law, we are finally breaking down the wall between physical health and mental health,” he continued. “Now federal agencies will be moving from vague feel-good programs to ones that emphasize evidence-based care for those at the highest risk.”

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2 thoughts on “PA-18: Murphy Delivers Weekly GOP Address (VIDEO)”

  1. New_Liberal_Lion says:

    I can’t stand the way Murphy looks and acts. I simply can’t believe we can’t beat this guy.

  2. Conceived in Twitter says:

    Does his new law include provisions for maniacal narcissistic liars who become President to be kept away from nuclear weapons? If they cannot buy a gun, how safe do you think we are when they get their hands on nuclear weapons?

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