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PA-18 Special Election Too Close to Call; Lamb Declares Victory

Update: Conor Lamb declared victory in the special election at around 12:40 a.m.  

“It took longer than we thought, but we did it,” Lamb said according to KDKA.

Saccone’s campaign consultant Ralph Iannotti told KDKA the campaign is “exploring ALL legal options” because of the close results.  The Department of State website says Lamb leads Saccone by 579 votes.

The DCCC jumped on Lamb’s victory declaration.

“From the start, Conor ran a strong race that focused on Western Pennsylvania values of toughness, hard work and service. He represents the very best of his community and our country, and he will be a huge asset in Congress,” DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján said.

Absentee ballots are being counted, but because of how close the race is, the Associated Press tweeted out they will not be declare a winner in the race.  


Lamb jumped out to an early lead as results came in, but Saccone closed the gap ahead of absentee ballots being counted.

24 Responses

  1. Saccone stumbled around bumbling and inarticulate.
    It was like a math quiz challenge between the class clown and the Rhodes Scholar. A strategic blunder all the way. The GOP looks foolish. And Neanderthal. Fine with me. I can’t stand Republicans.

  2. The real loser here is poor Ricky’s wife, Yong…no more dinners on lobbyist’s dime…too bad…Washington really needed Rick’s brand of good government – which means taking every perk offered…with Yong by his side.

    1. Don’t you mean Yoko? Maybe she can get a job at Panda Express. I heard they offer free meals to employees!

  3. Something is Rotten in Western Pennsylvania I bet those Democrat Judges of Electikns lied about their Vote count and gave lots more to Lamb that Lamb did not get . Just look at every final Vote count at Boards of Electikns there are always “ corrections “ in the final Vote count . Just look for the red pen mark ups

    1. Just some paid troll who can’t believe Saccone lost to a better candidate. People are done with the Trump/Russia show. The Judges of Elections can’t change the vote on the electronic machines. Stop spreading nonsence.

      1. @GM
        Music to my ears. People are absolutely done with this Trump disaster. He should leave office to the howls of intelligent country men + women.
        And good riddance to the grifter in chief. The abrasive, petty know-nothing embarrassment to all sentient beings. What a joke. No one working for him has security clearances and the white house is full of Nazis.

  4. This is nothing short of a humiliating defeat for Saccone and national Republicans, who outspent Lamb more than three to one and brought in the best surrogates the Republican Party has, including its head, the President of the United States and his son.

    I expect we will see a wave of retirements in the coming weeks. Anyone in a district that is less than R+10 is as scared as a turkey on Thanksgiving right about now.

  5. Well, professional scum ball Val DiGorgio blew another race….Chester gets massacred in 2016 and 2017 and now with him at the helm he really is spreading his ineptness around the state.

    And Saccone’s stupid choice of washed up branstetter and john bra-bendover who produced crappy ads with no message managed to let a 20 point Trump district go blue…

    Bravo guys…the Dems strategy should be let Val continue to drive the GOP into the ground. That’s how they win.

    I miss Gleason..

  6. Definitely expect a recount. As shown in other recounts with these types of numbers, only a hundred or so votes will swing either way. Lamb will prevail and then win easily in the new CD

  7. A Dem won in a R+11 CD. BTW – the union issue still means something there and Saccone supported right to work. That didn’t help. Still, this was all about the POTUS in the end. R+11. No one ran against Murphy in 16 and 14. They lost. Lost.

  8. This is politics PA, the rag of PA Politics. These folks are not journalists, rather paid hacks to keep up the Rendell propaganda machine with the occasional swipe at the establishment to feign credibility. Damn, they can’t even spell or offer solid sentence structure. Do not expect more from those with less.

    1. Paul Engelkemier, the managing editor of PoliticsPA and author of this article, was previously the Deputy Communications Director of the PA Republican Party.

      But yeah, he’s totally a Rendell hack.

        1. Stop looking for scapegoats. The GOP lost because of a pathetic message and a horrible Neanderthal candidate. Trump made the rally all about himself. Unhinged as usual.
          Obviously Lamb is a reasonable, highly accomplished man who won handily. As expected.
          Don’t blame the messenger. This is a top notch site. The tide is changing. Trump Referendum.

  9. Ralph Iannotti is not a Saccone campaign consultant who provided a comment to KDKA.

    Ralph Iannotti is the KDKA reporter to whom a Saccone consultant is said to have provided a comment.

    Ouch. Very ouch.

  10. I can’t believe these idiots in Western PA actually believe that Conor Lamb cares about them. The Democrats hate the working class. Bunch of morons.

    1. Well, they’re the same “idiots” that voted for the President by 20 points, so explain that one. Bad judgment all around, perhaps?

    2. Trump and the GOP hate the working class. They are against raising the minimum wage, against affordable healthcare, against workers’ rights, against worker safety, against public education, and against affordable housing.

    3. You got that turned completely around. Who is the real moron? POTUS, according to the former Sec. of State??

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