PA-18: Tim Murphy Responds to Homeland Security Airport Screening Changes

Tim-MurphyOn Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security announced new measures at airports to screen passengers for ebola.

All travelers from the Ebola outbreak countries of West Africa will be sent through one of the five airports in the United States with enhanced screening, starting on Wednesday.

Shortly after, Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Tim Murphy blasted the new regulations:

“With no vaccine or cure, we are facing down a disease for which there is no room for error, he said. “While the Administration describes this announcement as new travel restrictions, they are nothing of the sort. The only ‘restriction’ is which airport a traveler from an Ebola hot zone may land at when they arrive in the United States.”

“I am urging we start first from the strongest line of defense and work down, not begin with the weakest line of public health protections and scramble our way up,” Rep. Murphy continued. “To fully protect the American public, the Administration must advance concrete travel restrictions that include a quarantine coupled with an immediate ban on all non-essential commercial travel from Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.”

After the hearing, Murphy sent a letter to President Obama, outlining the nine steps the administration must take to protect Americans from the Ebola virus.

2 Responses

  1. I wonder why there are no travel restrictions outbound from Texas? The state has hosted every US case of ebola, and the hospital hosting them has, in fact, allowed the spread of the disease.
    Perhaps it’s because the state is blood red dogwhistle conservative, and therefore, has different standards for itself? Maybe it’s because Texas’ northern border is unenforceable, and people would simply walk around the roadblocks?
    No, it’s because ebola is not a widespread threat, and while the GOP wants to make ebola a piece of political theatre, it’s still feeling the heat of the US shutdown tantrum that backfired so spectacularly last year. The far-right, and the conservative establishment that used them for political gain, are at it again… ginning up irrational fear among people who don’t want to understand reality. It worked before, admittedly… but this isn’t like before. We know without doubt, how the tricksters work.

  2. Is anyone surprised this clown is against something proposed by the Obama Administration? If the President had proposed a total shutdown, Murphy and his cronies would have complained the President is panicking…no winning withe this crew.

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