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PA-2: Fattah’s Ex-Chief of Staff Pleads Guilty

Chaka-FattahIt’s been a cruel summer for Rep. Chaka Fattah.

The Congressman’s son was indicted earlier this month for defrauding the IRS and stealing from Philadelphia schools.

Now, his former Chief of Staff Gregory Naylor has pleaded guilty to several counts of campaign finance fraud.

According to Roll Call, Naylor concealed the theft of grants and charitable funds to repay debts from a 2007 campaign. Naylor was working on Fattah’s mayoral bid at the time.

“Naylor was aware that large amounts of money from an unexplained source were being spent on Elected Official A’s campaign, and Naylor helped to conceal the source of those funds by preparing a false invoice for services rendered by his consulting firm,” a Department of Justice report states. “Naylor subsequently learned that Elected Official A and others orchestrated the theft of federal grant funds to repay the outstanding balance of the campaign debt, and he agreed to the falsification of campaign finance reports to further conceal Elected Official A’s activities.”

The DOJ also found that Naylor used campaign funds to pay off the college debts of his candidate’s son. Jeremy Roebuck of the Inquirer reported that $22,663 was spent in this scheme.

“Some of the payments originated directly from the local campaign fund, and some were illegally sourced from Elected Official A’s federal campaign election committee and passed through the local campaign fund account to Naylor,” the DOJ release detailed.

“Naylor made approximately $22,000 in improper payments between August 2007 and April 2011 at Elected Official A’s request,” it continued. “Naylor also falsely claimed on IRS forms that the payments made towards the college debt were earned income to Elected Official A’s son for services rendered as an independent contractor to Naylor’s consulting firm. When confronted by federal agents in investigative interviews about the payments, Naylor lied on two occasions and repeated his cover story that the son of Elected Official A was an independent contractor working for his political consulting firm.”

The report was very careful not to name who “Elected Official A” was, but obviously it appears Rep. Fattah’s troubles may have only just begun.

8 Responses

  1. Chaka Fattah is a piece of shit and deserves to be voted out.Lets see if the Black community can use common sense for once.Something tells me White crakka will get blamed .Reparations for white privledge.

  2. The key phrase here is:
    “at Elected Official A’s request”.

    It’s one thing if an overly aggressive staffer is trying to create “success” by skirting the law, and hiding the reason for the success from the boss. I’ve met plenty of candidates who rely completely on their staff to tell them where to be, where they are, who they are talking to, etc. Some of them may be up on a few key issues, but they don’t know the first thing about accounting or what’s being spent. Their staffers just put a phone in their hand and a list of donors to call.

    But, it’s quite another thing, if the candidate is in the loop, aware of the violations and encouraging them.

    Fattah’s district is 10 to 1 Dem to Rep. At least 10% would pick him by up voting straight Dem ticket, even if the other 90% skipped voting on the contest.

    Unless Fattah is convicted and ineligible to serve, he’s getting re-elected.

    It’s probably too late to pull him from the ticket and replace him, but with the 10-1 ratio, Brady could put up a write-in candidate at the last minute to beat the GOP candidate.

    I’m sure how it works, but I’d think there would have to be an actual conviction, not merely an indictment, to force Fattah out of office. Given the slow turning wheels of justice, Fattah could be in congress another year before there was a verdict. Then, there would be a special election and the Dems could put up a candidate with assurances of a solid win.

    So, it sounds like: Fattah will stay in long enough to win the seat,

  3. Its not often people get what they deserve but then again maybe it’s too soon to figure this dirtbag is going away.

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