PA-2: Milton Street Throws Hat Into Ring For Fattah’s Seat

Milton-StreetThe race to see who will succeed the retiring (and embattled) Congressman Chaka Fattah just got a little more interesting.

According to Chris Brennan of the Inquirer, T. Milton Street Sr. will enter the PA-2 race as an independent. Street will need to collect 3,623 signatures to appear on the ballot. However, Street is confident that he will get the signatures as he successfully beat back challenges to remove him from the Democratic primary mayoral ballots in 2011 and 2015.

Street is a former state legislator and older brother of former Philly Mayor John Street. He is certainly an interesting figure as he has served time in federal prison for failing to pay taxes. He also got into some trouble in the 90s for escalating protests over a dispute of unpaid parking tickets.

He ran for Mayor of Philadelphia twice before, both as a Democrat. In 2011, he garnered 24% of the primary vote. However, in 2015 Milton received just 1.68%.

Milton says he is running because he wants to make Democratic nominee Dwight Evans work for the seat, though Milton admits, “I don’t have anything against Dwight Evans.” Milton also says that Republican nominee James Jones, “doesn’t understand politics yet.”

Milton has switched parties often and does not have strong loyalties to either major party.

The 2nd District is rated the 3rd strongest Democratic district in the country by the Cook Political Report. In fact, Democrats hold an 81% – 9% registration advantage in the district. So unless Street makes a big splash, it is likely the Evans will cruise to victory in November.

Whoever wins will be replacing Representative Chaka Fattah who lost the Democratic primary to Evans. Fattah is currently on trial for corruption and fraud.

The 2nd Congressional District consists of parts of Northwest Philadelphia, as well as Southwestern Montgomery County.

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7 thoughts on “PA-2: Milton Street Throws Hat Into Ring For Fattah’s Seat”

  1. Spambot says:

    Another Uncle Tom who sold his soul to the nascent Zappala crime family. It’s a new day and the kids are rejecting the bible toters

  2. Tim says:

    One corruptocrat to replace another – good one!

  3. KSDF says:

    I would love to know what Milton Street’s “understanding” of politics is.

  4. wait,what? says:

    Thank God. At least we have real choice now.

  5. Zakrey Bissell says:

    I think for he’s going to be a long shot.

  6. HaHaHa says:

    He had Seth Williams pegged, though.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The only guy in PA politics more pathetic than RENDELL

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