PA-2: Plumbers Local 690 Endorse Muroff

MuroffCongressman Chaka Fattah is facing four primary opponents next year but Dan Muroff is the first to win a union endorsement.

The Ninth Ward Leader revealed today that he won the support of the Plumbers Local 690.

“Dan’s long support of working men and women is why 690 is standing behind his campaign for Congress,” said Business Manager John Kane. “With the anti-union rhetoric coming out of Washington we need people like Dan fighting for us in Congress. Dan’s priorities are clear and I know he will support federal economic policies that put the concerns of working families first.”

Local 690 represents 2,200 workers in Philadelphia and it’s surrounding counties.

“This is an important moment early in this campaign,” Muroff responded. “Having the support of John and the members of 690 is an incredible honor. I am running for Congress because what is happening in D.C. has real consequences on his members and the families of the 2nd Congressional district. In D.C. I will be a strong and passionate advocate for policies that strengthen the ability of workers to collectively bargain. The Republican majority in Congress looks for any opportunity to weaken the rights of unions. We cannot stand by and have them dismantle piece by piece what so many women and men built to have safe and economically secure families.”

Rep. Fattah is facing 29 criminal charges but is still running for re-election.

Other Democratic candidates in the 2nd district’s primary are State Representative Dwight Evans, State Representative Brian Sims and Lower Merion Township Commissioner Brian Gordon.

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  1. i am not in Mr Muroff’s district, but every one in a while I browse these since I do live in the 26th state senate district and do know John Kane. When you do things anonymously it takes no class. it you want to rant in general that is ok, everyone knows your a phony by not putting your name to it. How Delcodemwoman who for all we know could be Andy Reilly, to make total personal attacks is simple a sign of cowardness.

  2. John Kane and the women and men of Local 690 are not afraid to take a stand even when it might not be popular with others in the political and Trades. It easy to just go with the crowd but when you are willing to stand up against the crowd’s choice that shows character and courage. John ran a clean campaign even after he was personally attacked he still didn’t go negative even though there was plenty of questionable things in his opponent’s closet he did not want to hurt anybody’s family. As far as The Delco Dems and the Delco Women’s group there has not been anybody who does and done more to help both them groups out. You have a sitting Congressman under investigation by the F.B.I and the answer to the problem is to pick one of the usual suspects to replace him. That is insane we need people who are going to Washington and what’s right for the people not just theirselves and their friends. We need change and new blood in all levels of goverment to have a chance at any real change. So good for John Kane and Local 690 taking a stand.

  3. Dwight Evans already has this race in the bag. Btw, Brian sims should get out of the 2nd district contest and stick with his state rep seat or he may end up losing both contests. Sims is a do nothing clown who loves himself too much and spends a lot of time on the Internet.

  4. John Kane is a horse’s ass. IJS, and after that debacle of a Senate campaign, he must be paying people to take his, no -impact on voters, endorsement. Dan Muroff is a really sweet guy though, to end on a positive note.

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