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PA-2: Sims Reports $230K Haul

brian-simsState Representative and PA-2 candidate Brian Sims unveiled his fundraising total for 2015 today.

The campaign, which launched on October 6th, raised $230,000 from 2,500 individuals. The average donor contributed less than $100.

“I am proud to have so many grassroots supporters on my team, and encouraged by the thousands of people who have stepped up to send a true progressive to represent them in Congress,” said Representative Sims. “The people of our community deserve advocates in Washington who are as hard working and passionate about this city as they are.”

“I will take their fight to Washington,” Sims continued. “I will be an ally in the effort to reduce gun violence. I will stand up to protect women’s rights and fight for equal pay for equal work. I will fight for investment in our public schools. I will work to give every school in every neighborhood the tools they need to ensure every child has a shot at success.”

Other Democratic candidates in the 2nd district’s primary are State Representative Dwight Evans Ninth Ward Leader Dan Muroff and Lower Merion Township Commissioner Brian Gordon.

Congressman Fattah is running for re-election but is facing 29 indictments.

10 Responses

  1. David- sims is always trying to say he was the first this or the first that. For a while his wiki page split hairs over mike fleck being the first out state rep in pa, as Brian was trying to argue that since his legislative duties officially began on the same day in November 2012 that flecks newspaper article outing himself was printed, then they both actually tied as the first out state rep. Who cares? He must really be insecure with himself. And I’m willing to bet the vast amount of Brian’s contributions come from far outside his district, from people who couldn’t avoid his constnt trolling on the web to promote himself. His support in his own district isn’t that deep because the self promotion is pretty offensive. And do t get me started with his branding himself a civil rights attorney! A civil rights attorney like thurgood Marshall or Evan Wolfson? Guys who actually tried and argued civil rights cases up to the Supreme Court ? Please. I’d love to know a single civil rights case of any type where brian was listed as counsel.

  2. Anne-

    Sims spoke at the Philly for Change meetup last night. He claimed that he believed 2,500 donors was a record for a quarter for a congressional race, though he admitted he could not be completely sure. I don’t recall if there was a caveat for that record being for any candidate or for a challenger to an incumbent.

    I’m sure someone from the Sims campaign can offer a clarification.

    The dollar amount is not that impressive, given that Sims is already an elected official of some renown. Sestak used to pull in more than each quarter when he ran for Congress (ironically at faster rate than he raises now for Senate). The virtually unknown Lindy Li has managed to pull in $100K and $150K her first two quarters for a seat that she has even less chance of winning that Sims.

    We’ll have to wait for the campaign finance report to see how much of Sims money came from within the district.

  3. So, what’s the context for this amount? Is it considered a strong showing? How did the other candidates do?

  4. I too and amazed he didn’t mention anything about being gay. It’s usually the first thing about him that he wants everybody to know.

  5. Aaron Unger: Then you haven’t been paying attention, not even to the present article.

  6. “not the real” — exactly. I don’t think he knows how to talk about anything else.

  7. Utterly shocked that Sims didn’t mention he is gay in the release.

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