Reader Poll: Will Rep. Fattah Be Found Innocent or Guilty?

Chaka-FattahChaka Fattah is in the midst of the fight of his life.

Facing down 29 indictments, the Congressman is blaming his staff since prominent members of his old team have taken plea deals to testify against him.

Even Sen. Casey was dragged in to discuss how Fattah wanted to make one of his friends an ambassador, a scheme that ended up going nowhere.

With his defeat last month, and the family turmoil he’s experienced, Rep. Fattah is already on a steep decline. The only question left is whether he can escape jail.

That’s what we want to ask you.

Do You Think Rep. Chaka Fattah Will Be Found Innocent or Guilty?

  • Guilty (91%)
  • Innocent (9%)

Total Voters: 538

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3 Responses

  1. In theory, innocence is presumed. Though anyone who has been arrested and held might find the presumption of innocence in the U.S. is more word than deed. ICJ seems to have that one a bit better given the much better conditions the innocent enjoy prior to conviction (or acquittal).

  2. Stupid poll. No one is ever found “innocent.” It’s Guilty or Not Guilty.

    A Not Guilty verdict means the government did not prove their case; not that the person is truly innocent.

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