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PA-3: Dan LaVallee Releases First Ad (VIDEO)

Dan LaVallee, the Democratic nominee from the 3rd Congressional District, released his first TV ad today.

The thirty-second spot, titled “Yeah’’, features LaVallee discussing his youth and how some say he is not ready to serve in Congress because of it.

Afterwards, LaVallee takes a shot at the incumbents, saying they are “doing a horrible job” and “helping the wealthy who have the connections, and forgetting about the people who have to work for a living.”

LaVallee then proceeds to say the current representative in the 3rd District, Mike Kelly, is among the incumbents that fits this description. He also says Kelly has given “millionaires tax breaks” and “run up the deficit.”

The ad closes with LaVallee saying, “I approve this message because if you agree with that, yeah, I’m too young.”

5 Responses

  1. Keep an eye on the new young Democrats Like Dan, and his neighbor in the Fifth, Kerith Strano Taylor who is challenging Glenn Thompson. They might not win this one against the big Republican money, but they show great promise for the future.

  2. Kelly’s such a hypocrite with his “curing cancer” ad. He supported massive cuts to NIH, CDC and shut down the government when he didn’t get his way trying to take health care away from people. Now his sequester and the other cuts have just made the ability to stop Ebola worse. Shame on him. At least LaValle is trying to help people, Kelly is only about helping himself.

  3. Dan is doing a great job–his fundraising has FAR outpaced the other freshman candidates in PA, so he’s clearly doing something right.

    I wonder if D. Miller disputes the specifics of the ad? Did Kelly not vote for the Republican budget and the rest of us just somehow missed it? It’s not tired if it’s true…

  4. Wow this guys going to get crushed what a joke. Enough with the class warfare crap too. Very tired line.

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