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PA-3: Rep. Kelly Delivers Weekly Republican Address

Representative Mike Kelly, from Pennsylvania’s 3rd District, delivered the Weekly Republican Address this past week. In the address, Kelly highlighted the importance of developing all forms of American energy in order to create jobs and spur economic growth.

“Coal is our most abundant and valuable resource,” Congressman Kelly begins. “It lights our homes, keeps our electric bills low, and puts food on the table for countless families. More than 40,000 jobs in my state alone are tied to coal.”

He stresses that the issue is not only about Pennsylvania, and more specifically coal country, but for the United States as a whole too.

Kelly points to President Obama’s regulations of the coal industry, and says because of those regulations, two coal-fired power plants in the 3rd District have closed in the past two years. Kelly expects more closures to follow across the country.

In order to spur growth, Kelly says it can be done through stopping regulations, expediting infrastructure, and expanding production.

“These aren’t just Republican solutions – these are common-sense American ideas that have support in both parties,” Rep. Kelly states. “You’re going to see them again in the new Congress, starting with a vote to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.”

Kelly’s comments in regards to the Keystone XL pipeline echo those of Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, who said the Keystone XL pipeline issue would be the first item up for a vote in the new Senate.

“Because manufacturing things, making things – and doing it better than anyone else in the world – that’s what America’s always been about,” Kelly closes. “That’s how we’ve built such a robust and dynamic economy. If we all pull together, we can make 2015 the year we restore our nation of builders.”

8 Responses

  1. There is no war on coal. Coal fired plants are being phased out by the power companies. Natural gas is replacing it because it is cleaner and cheaper than coal. Anyone with common sense and the ability to read should know this fact. Kelly is trying to politicize an economic reality.

  2. Kelly and his GOP counterparts have ruined so many lives in America through their policies and inability to work well with others. That is the real story…not his oil industry inspired propaganda! The facts that the GOP allowed him to give a response on a weekend when nobody would be paying attention to anything is very instructive of how he is viewed in the political world.

  3. Kelly’s a tea party a-hole/used car salesman. The XL Pipeline is the Republican’s answer to everything.

  4. So proud to be represented by that man, he has my vote anytime he asks for it. Love to see him run for governer in 2016.

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