PA-6: Brady Endorses Li

Lindy LiLooks like that decision to switch elections didn’t alienate the party.

PA-6 Democratic hopeful Lindy Li (who until recently was running in the PA-7 race) unveiled a plethora of endorsements, led by Congressman Bob Brady.

“Lindy’s candidacy shows the depth of our Party’s bench here in Pennsylvania,” Brady stated. “Her pragmatic policy approach and unifying message are refreshing and will be the difference this fall.”

She also secured the support of several other members of Congress, local Democratic party officials and labor unions. A full list is presented below:

Congresswoman Grace Meng (NY-6)

Congressman Mike Honda (CA-17)

Congressman Ted Lieu (CA-33)

Brad Kirsch, Senior Caucus Chair of the PA Democratic Party

Candace Stitzman-Duley, Women’s Caucus Chair of the PA Democratic Party

Jonathan Saidel, former Philadelphia City Controller

Ruth Damsker, Member of the PA Democratic State Committee and former Montgomery County Commissioner

Plumbers Local 690

International Association of Machinists Local 1776

“Rarely have I met a person who so intimately understands the issues of both young and older Americans and who so hopes to leave the world better than we found it,” Kirsch said.

“I am incredibly honored to have the support of these outstanding community leaders and will continue to work hard to build a bottom-up grassroots campaign that addresses the concerns of all citizens in Pennsylvania’s 6th,” Li responded.

Li is running against former Army Aviator Mike Parrish in the Democratic primary.

The 6th district consists of parts of Berks, Chester, Lebanon and Montgomery Counties.

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  1. Lindy is notable for making up endorsements on the spot. She claimed she had Cartwright’s endorsement, then never said anything again-because it was a lie. She just recently claimed she had Teamsters. I’d bet my house that she sent them a phone call and hasn’t heard anything back, but thats good enough for her.

  2. DelcoSocialist-

    There are certainly a few stories flying around that she is a pathological liar and just batshit crazy. Poor little rich girl.

    It’s hard to gauge how much/little support she had in the 7th, since she pulled out before petitions and the nominating convention. She did raise a lot of money (mostly from outside the district). There are plenty of “bean-counter” types who support whoever has the most money. That’s why the DCCC (supposedly) supported/encouraged her to take on Parrish in the 6th.
    So, I equate her having money and invested effort going to events in the 7th as her original “bone”.

    We’ve seen too much of politics that looks solely at the campaign finance reports and not at the candidate. Good fundraising is a huge factor for a candidate to get out their message, but you also have to have a good message.

    Senator Rutherford B. Cattywampus-

    Does Brady or his supporters even know where Chester county is?

  3. I’m sure that the voters in the 6th are very impressed with an endorsement from the boss of the Philly party machine. Yeah, that’s the image you’d want to project in the 6th.

  4. The problem with the Aesop comparison, is that she didn’t have a bone in the 7th either. She showed up at a lot of local party events in Delaware County and provided us all with a lot of laughs. I actually think she has serious mental health issues and I hope she gets the help I believe she needs.

  5. Ches-Mont Dem-

    High-dollar fundraisers?

    I thought Lindy got most of her money by buying/contacting list of Chinese donors and playing upon her status as a Chinese-American trying to achieve her American dream. Barely any of her donors can vote for her (or even live in the state).

    Of course, switching into the 6th from the 7th negated any/all the campaign stops she made traveling around the insanely gerrymandered 7th, and put her back at square one.

    The latest campaign finance reports are not online yet, but I’m sure she has plenty of money, but almost no base/infrastructure in the district.

    I agree that she will probably get clobbered at Montco endorsement event as well.

    There is probably an appropriate Aesop fable about her attempt to take a seemingly brighter opportunity in the 6th and give up her position in the 7th.

    The story about the greedy dog with a bone comes to mind. He saw his reflection in a pond, and thought it was another dog with another bone. He barked at the “other dog” to scare it off, and take its bone. Instead, he dropped his own bone in the water and wound up with nothing.

    If anyone has a better fable/parable that fits this situation, please post it.

  6. Yeah, that’s what happens when you spend all of your time at high-dollar fundraisers. Lindy Li has been noticeably absent from anything involving the local party committees, in sharp contrast to Mike Parrish who has consistently shown nothing but respect and cooperation for the work that committeepeople do. Hopefully Lindy Li will get a wake-up call that “all politics is local” and that you should start a campaign and form its base at the local committee level, and work your way up- not starting at the PA Society and trying to force your way down. Parrish’s campaign tactics are paying big dividends right now- he overwhelmingly won the Chester County endorsement and will do the same in Montgomery County tomorrow. And those are the people who are going to collect petition signatures, knock on doors, make phone calls, and work the polls- not Members of Congress across the country.

  7. I just heard that Lindy lost tonight’s Chester County endorsement vote 114 to 27 to Mike Parrish.

    Chester has more voters in the 6th than the other counties.

  8. I’m sure that Brady’s help will prove invaluable in getting Philly voters for Lindy.

    Unfortunately, the 6th district is completely outside of Philly.

    So, maybe “non-valuable” is the right term.

  9. mike brady bean congssmann for ever and he aint got no powar no more cuz the peeeple in filadephia r sic an tired of him,

  10. Sad commentary on our party that an unqualified lightweight gets these endorsements from a bunch of other lightweights. Parrish maynot be 100% pure dem-as with many of us disgusted with Obama- but he is far better qualified than this lightweight from Princeton. A lot of dems will support a republican if this leftist without experience buys the nomination

  11. Now that’s an all-star list. /s

    Let’s see if she can turn it into money. None of those endorsers are going to move votes in PA-6. But if they can help her with money, it might be useful. Honda is in a tight race, so he isn’t going to give her anything. But Lieu and Meng are in safe seats. Maybe they could help her out.

    It says a lot about Parrish that they were all willing to jump over to Li as soon as she switched. I wonder if she had them in her back pocket for some time.

  12. I wonder how many of these are actual endorsements, and how many will be surprised to see their names on this list.

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