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PA-6: Chesco Commissioner Costello Launches Bid


Ryan Costello, Chairman of the Chester County Board of Commissioners, today formally announced his candidacy for Congress today in Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District.

“With deep humility and excitement, and after discussions with my family and many local residents, I am pleased to announce that I am a candidate for Congress in the 6th Congressional District.,” said Costello.

He highlighted partisanship through his announcement release.

“In Congress, both parties need to work together to do what is in the best interest of the country, just as we have worked cooperatively here on the county level,” said Costello. “But right now, things in Congress have devolved to a constant game of trying to make the other party look bad. It needs to stop.”

Costello is in the process of finalizing the formation of his campaign committee – Ryan Costello for Congress – and filing the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, a process which should be completed in the next few days.

When Chester County GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio decided not to run, he threw his support behind Costello.

“Ryan has distinguished himself as a smart and thoughtful leader and dedicated public servant,” said DiGiorgio. “His fresh and no-nonsense approach to problem solving and his record of working for taxpayers as a township supervisor and now as Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners make him the clear choice to represent us in Congress.”

He could face former Senate candidate Sam Rohrer, businessman Patrick Collins and State Senator John Rafferty for the Republican nod.

Remaining in the prospective candidate pool on the Democratic side are Rep. Mark Rozzi, Manan Trivedi, Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone, State Senator Andy Dinniman and the only declared candidate Mike Parrish.

4 Responses

  1. Costello for PA!

    To the liberal above, “Seniors pay taxes on social security” not in PA, they are tax exempt from State taxes. But hey, if liberals takeover PA, it will look alot like the failed liberal experiments across the country-CA, IL and Detroit. This is the liberal philosophy in practice, they need to be stopped.

  2. Wow Observer, you are realy stretching it with your ideological class warfare. Seems to me its people like you — who would ratehr divide than build bridges — are part of the proplem. Taxpayers is actually a very broad category, whether you realize it or not. Seniors pay taxes on social security, people pay school and real estate taxes (or pay for them through higher rent); then there are the charges on our electric, cable, and telephone bills; taxes on gas when we fill up cars; taxes on cigarettes; sales tax when we shop; liquor taxes. The list goes on and on. I imagine there is a miniscule amount of people who do not pay some sort of taxes outside of children, the vast mahority of whom are a child of a taxpayer. By your logic, everytime a Democrats says they will work hard for “voters”, does that mean they only care about people over the age of 18?

  3. DiGiorgio said something that reveals the bankruptcy of Republican ideals: Costello only has to represent Taxpayers to be considered a good little Republican. In America, we elect a representative government to represent ALL Americans, taxpayers or not, voters or not, boss or worker, rich or poor, healthy or sick. Costello and his Party Boss get into office solely to represent their benefactors and contributors, and that is what will end the American Era of leadership. We were once a beacon to other countries of how to advance civilization; since Reagan selfishness took hold, we have become everything the world derides. I wonder how soon afrter arriving in DC Costello will join in his first pointless vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act? How about a campiagn promise NOT to waste taxpayer money with such partisanship, Costello? Crickets…

  4. Ryan will be excellent replacement for Jim Gerlach in DC. He is a problem solver that can work with a wide variety of people.

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