PA-6: Costello Endorsed by the NFIB

CostelloRepublican PA-6 nominee and Chester County Commissioner Ryan Costello won the support of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) today.

“NFIB is a leading voice on behalf of the nation’s small businesses, which are one of the major drivers of our economic and job growth,” Costello stated. “I am honored to have the support of an organization that advocates for and champions small business. If elected, I will work to implement policies that promote job creation, reduce barriers to economic growth, and cut bureaucratic red tape that saps the resources of small businesses and inhibit their ability to expand and hire new workers.”

“When he was a Chester County Commissioner Ryan balanced budgets, cut government spending, and reduced the size of county government all while making investments in open space,” said NFIB Executive State Director Kevin Shivers. “It’s policies like that which make small businesses feel more confident about expanding and hiring. Government must live within its means and keeps tax rates low. We need that same mindset in Washington, D.C. where an out of control federal budget deficit has small businesses nervous about their economic future and potential for growth. That’s why we support Ryan Costello for Congress.”

The NFIB was founded in 1943 and represents 15,000 businesses in Pennsylvania. The endorsement was made by the organization’s Save America’s Free Enterprise (SAFE) Trust.

Costello is running to represent Pennsylvania’s 6th congressional district, which comprises parts of Berks, Chester, Lebanon and Montgomery Counties. The Democratic nominee is physician Manan Trivedi.

6 Responses

  1. Andrew, The middle class would have much better real incomes if the liberal-progressive policies weren’t jacking up the price of energy and everything else.

  2. Remove the plank from your eye Andrew Goutman. Try any search of “Soros compared to Koch.” Educate yourself to find out who’s “actively using billions for extreme causes.”

  3. Well, this troll needs some balance, so let me try to set the record straight. 1) No, the NFIB doesn’t have all of those evil funding sources. But the group usually endorses Republicans. Which makes this article almost worthless. 2) Comparing the Koch Bros. to “George Soros, Warren Buffett, Hollywood and Big Labor” is the most insane comment I’ve heard in weeks. The Koch Bros. are actively using their billions to promote right wing causes. There is no equivalent on the left: Soros helps us, but anywhere near; Warren Buffett is, I suppose, a liberal, but where is the record of his spending on liberal causes? Hollywood: I suppose, but where’s your proof. And “Big Labor?” You right wing selfish buttheads actively use any means to tear Labor down, and deprive folks of middle class incomes. What goes around…

  4. Observer, you are such a crank. I just checked NFIB’s most recent 990 on Guidestar. NFIB had income over $100 Million in 2012. And here you are claiming once again some B.S. that NFIB is “almost entirely funded” that year (by your math) $1.5 Million???
    Again, your comments are worthless lies.

    @jmarshak you are spot on about the MSNBC swallowing idiots. I guess when you’re a pot, everything looks like a kettle.

  5. Here we go again, the paranoid liberals whining about the Koch brothers. You guys act like you don’t have George Soros, Warren Buffet, Hollywood, and big labor dumping in billions on your side.

  6. The NFIB is almost entirely funded by the Koch Brothers and their closest associates – check SourceWatch and the other watchdog websites. So Little Ryan is a Koch Fiend, huh? You’d think he’d want to distance himself from billionaire money like that. But now we see whose agenda he is really supporting: Paul Ryan and the Koch Brothers.

    I am very surprised that this website is just reprinting candidate press releases without doing any background or investigative research at all. Easily Googled:
    ” In 2012, NFIB received $1.5 million from the Koch brothers-backed Freedom Partners, which gave an additional $1 million to NFIB affiliates.[5] NFIB accepted a $3.7 million gift in 2010 from Crossroads GPS, a group affiliated with Republican political operative Karl Rove that overwhelmingly endorses and financially supports Republican candidates.[6] According to new data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP), in 2010 the NFIB Small Business Legal Center (SBLC) received $1.15 million from “conservative 501(c)(3) conduit group” Donors Trust, a major contributor to the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Other contributions include the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, which gave to a wide range of conservative groups including the American Legislative Exchange Council.”
    And WHO do they lobby for? “However, the group has been shown to lobby on issues that favor large corporate interests and run counter to the interests of small businesses.”

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