PA-6: Costello Pulls Out of Republican National Convention

CostelloOne of the biggest questions in politics right now is how close do Republican elected officials get to Donald Trump.

The July 18th to 21st Republican National Convention is the ultimate test for members of the GOP as several high-profile names have already stated they won’t be going.

It’s time to add freshman Congressman Ryan Costello to that list.

Geoff Harris of 1520 AM broke the news that Rep. Costello will not be attending the RNC in Cleveland next month.

“The congressman decided it was more important to stay in his home district,” Costello Campaign Senior Advisor Vincent Galko told PoliticsPA.

It was thought Costello’s attendance would be a given since he was a delegate. The Congressman, however, is giving up his spot in favor of Chester County Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio.

“He informed the leadership of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania a few weeks ago and he asked them to consider appointing a grassroots leader to the position,” Galko explained.

As we reported last week, DiGiorgio is strongly considering a run for statewide GOP Party Chairman later this year so it would make sense for him to attend the convention.

Rep. Costello is likely to hold onto his seat in November so the fact that he is avoiding the convention suggests only Trump’s strongest supporters are likely to attend.

The 6th Congressional District consists of parts of Berks, Chester, Lebanon and Montgomery Counties.

8 Responses

  1. “The congressman decided it was more important to stay far the hell away from Donald Trump… er… I mean… in his home district”

  2. It is all about the optics. It wouldn’t look good for Costello to be seen voting FOR Trump-so rather than take a leadership position, he passes the baton. Quite a leader, don’t you think???

  3. Costello is a spineless weasel. At least Parish served our Nation with honor. I would rather have a Democrat who stands for something than useless Costello who is a lapdog for Boehner and that stiff Ryan. Republicans who abandon Trump will suffer consequences at the polls- they will lose because of their poor judgment not Trump. We are fed up with republican establishment do nothing’s like little boy Costello!

  4. Nothing but a weasel go crawl back into your hole and support Hillary.
    Shame on you Congressman! You are now supporting a Supreme Court who will erode our 2nd Amendment and expand abortion.

  5. There’s probably no way Costello loses this election. I mean, Bob Roggio did come within 4 points of Gerlach in 2008 with little money, so I suppose it’s possible. You never know with presidential turnout. But the district is so much redder now.

    Probably an exercise in “don’t make any unforced errors.”

  6. Scuttlebutt in Chesco is that Costello is worried. Perhaps polling suggests he’s in trouble due to Trump? The above article doesn’t pull out the WCHE quote from the Republican Committee in Chesco – they claimed it was so he could “focus on his congressional campaign.” Very fishy…

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