PA-6: Costello Releases First TV Ad (VIDEO)

Republican nominee Ryan Costello unleashed his first TV ad of the congressional campaign today.

Costello, a Chester County Commissioner Chair, is running against three-time Democratic nominee Manan Trivedi, a veteran and physician. They’re fighting over the 6th congressional district left vacant by retiring Congressman Jim Gerlach.

“Balanced budgets. Investing in our libraries. Preserving open space,” Costello began. “Bipartisan leadership. That’s my record as an elected official.”

He goes on to assert that he has advised small businesses and created jobs.

“I was born and raised here,” he continued. “I’ve always worked here. I’m raising my family here.”

The commercial also features Costello’s wife, Christine, and their newborn son Ryan Jr.

The comment about Costello “always working here” is a not so subtle jab at his opponent, as his campaign has accused Trivedi of working in Washington, D.C.

“I’m Ryan Costello and I approve this message because I’m running for Congress to make sure our future is brighter for everyone who wants to live in our community,” the candidate concludes.

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2 thoughts on “PA-6: Costello Releases First TV Ad (VIDEO)”

  1. costello??? says:

    Costello is good candidate but no positions anything
    He bobs & weaves dodging answers to anyone’s questions
    His sole focus is to get media but what is printed highlights nothing but his empty seat glad handing
    What is his position on immigration
    Illegal immigration was granted amnesty by President Reagan. Bush 41 & Clinton failed to strengthen border now we have 20 times the illegals and they want to repeat amnesty again. Where is Costello? He dodges questions what is his position? A good answer would be a true answer not his typical speak from both sides of his mouth
    Ok he did not serve in the military but what is his plan to strengthen number and pay of all enlisted military so they can keep us safe. Obama cut this & put our freedom at risk.
    Where is C ostello? Does he want to k3ep funding level so he can do his usual funding deal use it elsewhere on stupid feel good programs to buy votes with wasteful spending which is based on self aggrandizement publicity
    ProChoice ProLife. Costollo has had a position both places multiple times. What is his position? Voters desire to know.

  2. It’s a damn shame that this know-nothing empty suit is apparently having an easy time of capturing a congressional seat. Trivedi better either step up his game, or step aside.

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