PA-6: DCCC Targets Congressman Costello with New Website

CostelloThe DCCC is trying a creative new way to target new-to-office Congressmen around the country.

The committee formed a website called One Term Wonders, which compares freshmen Congressmen from around the country to famous one-hit wonders from the past few decades. On this list is Pennsylvania’s 6th District Representative, Ryan Costello.

Costello’s biography on the website, which references the ‘90s one hit wonder “Groove Is In The Heart” by Deee-Lite, reads as follows:

“‘Groove Is In The Heart’ puts step into constituents’ hearts, but Pennsylvanians will soon find the true colors of Costello’s heart. Costello has a history of looking out for himself and his friends – voting to give himself a pay raise and supporting millions of dollars in government contracts to political contributors.”

According to The Hill, the list is includes many of the Congressmen in historically blue states, as well as those who barely squeaked out close victories in 2012.

Costello won the open 6th district seat over Manan Trivedi in the race to replace retiring Rep. Jim Gerlach.

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9 thoughts on “PA-6: DCCC Targets Congressman Costello with New Website”

  1. Ryan says:

    The DCCC is wasting money if they attempt to play here again. They are dealing with some of the most moronic county parties around.

  2. Former Dem Staffer says:

    You aren’t really a Dem if you want other Dems to sit back and give the guy a chance to solidify his position.

  3. SEPA-DEM says:

    Two thoughts.

    1st. Ryan Costello has not even had a chance to warm up his chair, and the DCCC comes out with a campaign to remove him. Can’t we at least give him a few months to see how he does? If the DCCC was so intent on this seat, then they should have given more support to Manan Trivedi when there was actually a possibility to win this congressional district.

    2nd. Who does the DCCC have in mind for a replacement? I’m not so sure that “Just Anybody Will Do” is such a good plan without giving Costello a chance to see what he does.

  4. KSJW says:

    @DaFino, didn’t he just host an event at the Progressive Summit? For someone who brags about how he is not a career politician, he sure tries hard to be one.

  5. Lois Herr says:

    Is this an apology for not supporting Trivedi? Pretty lame.

  6. TomD says:

    I am sorry but I am a strong Democrat and proud of what the party stands for but this kind of stuff is ridiculous. I mean can’t we make actual arguments about policy and approach to governing and stop with the ludicrous emails with cat pictures and doomsday clocks and now apparently websites comparing republicans to pop songs

  7. DaFino says:

    Maybe the DCCC is setting up Trivedi’s 4th run.

  8. 13thDistrictDem says:

    As a true blue Democrat, I’m actually embarrassed by this non-sense. Why anyone would ever give money to the D-trip is beyond me.

  9. Thank you DCCC says:

    The only campaign committee that makes unforced errors outside of the campaign cycle

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