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PA-6: Li’s Hopes Find New Support

Lindy Li25-year old Princeton grad and first-time Democratic candidate Lindy Li has already received endorsements from several prominent members of Congress, chief among them Bob Brady.

On Monday, Li announced the support of three more prominent Pennsylvania politicians: Congressman Matt Cartwright, Berks County Commissioner Kevin Barnhardt, and Philadelphia City Controller Alan Butkovitz.

“Lindy has an engaging, approachable personality that makes her a natural leader, an intellect that will enable her quickly to navigate the corridors of power in Washington, and a work ethic that would be difficult for any opponent to match,” Rep. Cartwright said.

“She has shown the kind of tenacity that is essential to any successful campaign for Congress, as well as keen understanding of the issues facing the residents of southeastern Pennsylvania. Especially noteworthy are the unique assets that Lindy brings to the table, in her youth, her energy, and her boundless enthusiasm for public service,” he continued. “It is obvious to me that the citizens of the 6th District would be lucky to have Lindy Li as their Congresswoman, and she has my full-­‐throated endorsement.”

Li will be facing former Army Aviator Mike Parrish in the Democratic primary. Meanwhile, Republican incumbent Ryan Costello is seeking his second term.

The 6th Congressional District includes parts of Montgomery, Chester, Berks, and Lehigh Counties.

21 Responses

  1. Lindy is young and because of that she may bring different perspectives to the very issues of our nations, climate, middle class, student loan and jobs for young… Like many youngsters in silicon valley in their 20s, she can be Mark Z in politics, giver her a chance.

  2. PA Expat-

    The district is 38.8% Dem, 45.2% Rep and 16% Independent/Other

    There are 25K more R’s than D’s.

    It’s a tough district to turn Blue.

  3. GOP4LIFE-

    There is no “time limit”. Once you become a citizen, that’s it. You could run for congress the next day.

  4. I’m just curious. Lindy Li is only 25 and she was born in China to Chinese parents. Has she even been a U.S. Citizen long enough to run for Congress?

  5. PA-

    I do lots of stuff. But, sometimes I’m in front of the computer with little else to entertain myself besides exposing political charlatans. Do, you like to hide anonymously?

    Lindy did “invade” the 7th for a while, getting on my radar, with her nonsense.

    Sestak’s still a VA resident running as a PA resident.

  6. David, do you do anything other than comment on PoliticsPA articles? Do you have a life beyond being a parasite and hating on other people, particularly Li and Sestak?

  7. PA Expat-

    Actually, the switching and picking was her idea (though, allegedly suggested by party leaders). But, the whole time she spent campaigning in 2015 was inside the 7th district: picnics, meetings, events, committee contacts, etc.

    So, switching to the 6th, she’s starting from square one (but with a lot of money, though very little of it was from the 6th, 7th or even PA).

    From a recent article:
    Lindy Li was interviewed as part of their “Candidate Conversations” series. Apparently, she didn’t win Nathan Gonzalez over.
    “It rarely happens, but I finished our interview with Li speechless and confused,” Gonzalez wrote.

    I’m not sure whether Li was “speechless and confused” or Gonzales was.

    Either way, Lindy has enough money to get her “message” out, but is it so muddled and confused that she needs to raise additional funds for secret-decoder rings?

    Will her campaign ads “resonate/inspire” or fall flat?

    Hard to say. Even seasoned candidates and firms hit and miss the mark as reliably as a coin flip.

  8. All this griping about her switching districts smacks of inside baseball, and I don’t think this attack will animate many voters. People move about the Philly suburbs all of the time, and with all of these jigsaw gerrymandered districts carving up SE PA, none of these seats represents an intact community of interest anyhow.

    I don’t know much about Li, but Dems should be happy that they finally have a candidate with some fundraising muscle to mount a real campaign for a very winnable seat.

  9. Lindy will have trouble in the general in the PA06 – she’s a mainliner, with an ivy background. I’m not saying she not capable at all…likely the opposite. But her background will turn a lot of the northern Berks blue dogs off from her. She’ll get support from the mainline but that’s not enough as Costello has played moderate since getting elected.

    Lindy would have been smarter to run for the 6th to begin with as she is going to get torn a part. the PA07 in theory should be easier for her than the 06. This is all about the DCCC pegging Costello as weak. You forget Jim Gerlach had that distict on lock down for years until he retired.

  10. She should just keep moving down the line and run in the 5th. The outcome would be the same either way.

  11. Parrish is a dud with no money and Lindy is a crazy person with some money, what a great crop of candidates in the 7th. Costello will cruise to reelection.

  12. I’m surprised that after this endorsement by Cartwright that Lindy hasn’t switched to run in his district.

    Except for the Commissioner from Berks, none of these people live in her district.

    This goes to her lack of endorsements from WITHIN the district, like how almost none of her donations are from within the district.

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