PA-6: Parrish Withdraws


Democrat Mike Parrish will withdraw from the primary race for Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District this morning.

“I have come to realize that an expensive and contentious Democratic primary fight would seriously risk our party’s ability to win this seat in November to accomplish our goals,” Parrish said. “I am therefore suspending my campaign in order to join with Manan Trivedi to help ensure that a Democrat is elected in November.”

The West Point grad and Daleco Resources CEO would have faced three-time candidate for the district, Dr. Manan Trivedi, in the Democratic primary.

“I am reminded by the Cadet Prayer, about choosing the harder right over the easier wrong. As you know, change doesn’t happen overnight. Change isn’t easy or quick,” Parrish said in a statement. “I am prepared to work hard along side my fellow Democrats to bring about that change. I hope to continue making you proud as I work to assist others to help accomplish our shared goals and effect change in Washington.”

Trivedi also released a statement.

“As a fellow veteran, I first want to thank Mike Parrish for his military service. There is no higher calling to our nation and he must be commended for that,” said Trivedi. “And it is because of that I am truly honored to receive Mike’s endorsement today. I am thankful for his commitment to our Democratic Party and I look forward to working with him to strengthen our community, our commonwealth and our country.”

PA-6 became a must-watch race after Representative Jim Gerlach announced his retirement. The fields for the Republican and Democratic nomination ebbed and flowed, before settling on a Democratic primary between Trivedi and Parrish, and a lone Chester County Commissioner Ryan Costello on the Republican side.

The district leans Republican, but open seats are notoriously unpredictable without an advantaged incumbent.

The NRCC was quick to jump on Parrish’s withdrawal as a sign of Democratic weakness in the seat.

“It’s pretty clear after last week’s special election in Florida that Democrats’ chances in 2014 are sinking faster than a boat without a hull. It seems like just yesterday that the DCCC was sending out memos touting Mike Parrish’s candidacy and flying Nancy Pelosi in to fundraise for him,” NRCC spokesman Ian Prior told PoliticsPA. “Just a few weeks later, however, Parrish has seen first-hand how difficult it is running straight into the massive headwinds caused by Obamacare. It’s certainly understandable that he would want to jump ship.”

But the DCCC expressed their excitement about Trivedi’s candidacy.

““Manan Trivedi is a strong, independent advocate for Pennsylvania’s middle class and over the last few months has put together an impressive campaign,” DCCC spokesman Marc Brumer told PoliticsPA. “As a physician, Iraq war veteran, and tireless fighter for Pennsylvania families, Manan is a strong candidate who is committed to working together to find solutions that grow the middle class, create jobs, and spur the region’s economy.”

Now that there is just one candidate in the primary, the DCCC will likely upgrade PA-6 to an Emerging Race. This is a promotion from its current status as an Emerging District.

11 Responses

  1. The democrats have good sense and no false promises. They represent the majority of the people of the United States and not the so-called Rich and Powerful. It is about time the people of the United States vote for the honest man and get rid of the puppets who represent the so-called powerful. That Joe @PA Montco Dem should clean-up his act.

  2. Parrish entered the race only a few minutes after leaving the Repub party, assuring his Repub friends that he would not abandon his conservative values. Now, he’s embracing his fellow Dems and vowing to work to elect a Dem in November! Trivedi can’t be too thrilled to have Parrish’s endorsement other than his not having to spend money in a primary fight. This whole shameless episode demonstrates the sad state of politics – no values, just personal gain.

  3. Those who invoke Obamacare, why don’t you ask Dr. Trivedi what his view is of the future of health care in this country? He does have some background in the field, you know.

  4. The Dems backing Parrish and having this happens shows just how bad the Dems are, institutionally. Parrish, along with Strouse, are prime examples at how disoriented the party is. It shows they have no bench in congressional districts and that directly reflects on those in Harrisburg.

  5. @ PA Montco Dem:
    I love how communist democrats believe that Obamacare is a great success, and in a sense, it is, considering what it is actually doing. Our economy has the lowest labor force/proportional participation rate since the Carter years, the labor force is shrinking at an alarming rate, 20% of the Obamacare “sign uos” still have no coverage, and half of them are probably a bunch of fucking illegal immigrants anyway. What is our once great country left with; turning into a communist dictatorship under the scheme of “free healthcare”.

  6. I love how Repubs think Obamacare is a winning issue for them. Five million sign-ups, not a ripple of change among real people with real jobs and real insurance, and all kinds of new benefits at no cost to taxpayers, with premium prices actually increasing less than before Obamacare.
    What’s that leave Repubs with? — the Koch Brothers billions and a pack of lies. Still might work if Dems don’t vote.

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