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PA-6: Political Prognosticator Rips Li

Lindy LiCandidates often speak ill of pundits, but it doesn’t usually happen the other way around.

That was not the case, however, this weekend when the Rothenberg and Gonzalez Political Report released their newsletter on Friday.

Lindy Li was interviewed as part of their “Candidate Conversations” series. Apparently, she didn’t win Nathan Gonzalez over.

“It rarely happens, but I finished our interview with Li speechless and confused,” Gonzalez wrote. “Some people might see a rising star; a young, Ivy-league educated candidate who doesn’t look like most Members of Congress and who has already proven she can raise money (over $400,000 last year). But Li can also come across as too ambitious and idealistic. At times, the interview felt like a string of sound bites, platitudes and calculated attempts to make a personal connection with the reporters in the room.”

“I talked to multiple Democratic strategists after the interview and they remain very skeptical of Li’s candidacy,” he continued. “But she has struck a chord with the Asian American community across the country, which has propelled her fundraising. Her money combined with her endorsements and the competitive nature of the district means Li probably can’t be ignored. Her personality means she probably won’t be ignored.”

Li is competing against Army Aviator Mike Parrish in the Democratic primary. She was originally running in the PA-7 contest before switching to PA-6 in December.

The Sixth Congressional District consists of parts of Chester, Montgomery, Berks and Lebanon Counties.

28 Responses

  1. We all need to have an open mind! And compassion! It’s good for all of us to support each other in a constructive way and make a better peaceful world:)

  2. Pope Francis-

    There’s nothing wrong with going for a big race. But, generally, you want to have SOME prior campaign experience at least helping another candidate get elected or working for a candidate or elected official.

    There is a learning curve to this and congressional districts are large and unwieldy with hundreds of voting precincts. It takes time to build/manage a large organization, find volunteers, hone a message, and pick experienced people you can trust. Typically, you have to be involved in government or smaller campaigns to gain that level of skill and resources.

    But, her fundraising, while impressive, is mostly from people who can’t even vote for her.

  3. montco pa dem, campaign funds raised for an unsuccessful bid may be 1) retained in the ‘friends of candidate X’ campaign committee account indefinitely so long as the required PA or federal campaign finance periodic filings are done ; 2) transferred to some other candidate committee; 3) donated to a 501 c 3 charity with the charitable donation reflected as an expense on the campaign committee account, which is then closed out with a ‘final termination report filed’ and of course then filing of the final annual report.

  4. What!! — Parrish experienced Medicare for All in the military, known as TriCare. He’s absolutely in favor of a single payer healthcare system.

  5. It is funny how much more often commenters on this site will say that a woman running of office needs to run for something a little easier first. I also happen to find Li to be a bit of wacko, but this is American politics where newcomers are welcome, let her go for it. She has proven more than capable on the fundraising side of things.

    Just a little unsolicited insight from the vatican over here on how we can be a bit better to each other.

  6. When she told our local committee people that she was running for PA 6 rather than PA 7, she tried to make it sound like the party asked her to do it, even though she doesn’t live here. When she called me for my support, I could almost smell her desperation across the phone. She didn’t get the county endorsement. Dial it back, girl. Try for something local before you go for the big leagues.

  7. Sean-

    I doubt that many people think she has any interest in “public service”. This has all the markings of a huge ego trip and opportunism. Her switching districts (and multiple reports that she lives by Rittenhouse SQ, in neither district) didn’t help her image.

    Her fundraising strategy has been effective at raising a lot of money, but nearly all of it is due to identity politics unrelated to the district(s) or Pennsylvania. It’s mostly appeals to Chinese American donors across the country to send her money because she is a young Chinese American “with a dream”.

    This leaves us with a campaign with a lot of money, but no substance.

  8. Observer-

    Well, article indicated, Parrish was/is an Army Aviator. So, he’s trusted to handle military weaponry.

    Lindy, in the other hand, should be kept away from sharp or pointy objects (particularly when the primary results come out). Based on her “performance” at the Montco Dems convention, she seemed on the edge of a complete mental breakdown. If she loses the primary, I hope her friends and family will keep a very close eye on her.

  9. She did not even know what single payer/Medicare for All was when I met her last week. Of course, Parrish probably does not know it either. So much for the Democrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! She needs to sit down and study the issues. Parrish also…..If Republicans want to replace ObamaCare—-why not go for Medicare, a very popular program which seniors and their adult kids know works—-WTF! Republicans have a big opening here, if they have the balls………..

  10. Observer – You clearly don’t know who you are talking about. Parrish has an Engineering degree from West Point, an aeronautical & astronautical engineering degree from Stanford, and an MBA from Wharton. He may be accused of many things, but being “dumb” isn’t one of them. He is also a proud Democrat and an environmentalist. Puppet of the frackers? Not in the slightest as he is totally against fracking. You might want to check your information sources.

  11. “Field Marshall”[sic]? First, it’s marshal; Marshall is a name. Second, he won both of his elections and with a clear majority of voters, which is more than the last Republican president can say.

  12. PA Dem & Montco PA Dem-

    She’s got $390K in the bank and spend $5K last quarter.

    The typical rate for paid circulators is often $1/signature. She can certainly afford that and more, otherwise the rest of the $390K would become useless.

    The requirement is 1,000. I would expect her to get around 2,500

    Personally, if were hiring circulators, I’d pay them $1 for every good/confirmed signature and charge them 25 to 50 cents for every bad one. That would deter them from faking signatures or being careless. Give them a street list of Dems and set them loose.

  13. I have two words for all you
    Posters——“Ryan Costello”. Frightening that it
    Could come down to a political hack like him or Li- I was hoping Parish was smarter- am I wrong? Don’t really care he voted against
    Field Marshall Obama.

  14. She is running Facebook ads asking people to circulate petitions for her halfway though petition period, clearly a sign of desperation and an unsophisticated operation.

  15. PA Dem-

    She can afford to hire people to circulate petitions, so.. my guess would be “yes”.

  16. Ever talk with Parrish? Dumb as a box of rocks. Nothing but a puppet for the Frackers. Will switch parties as soon as elected, a la John Lawless.

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