PA-6: Rep. Bob Brady Backs Parrish



Rep. Bob Brady (PA-1) officially endorsed Democrat Mike Parrish’s campaign for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 6th congressional district.

“I am excited about Mike’s candidacy and I am proud to support him,” said Brady. “I have gotten the opportunity to work with Mike in Pennsylvania and have seen his work ethic first-hand.”

Brady, the chairman of the Philadelphia City Democratic Committee and a ranking member of the Committee on House Administration, is one the most powerful leaders amongst the Pennsylvania Democratic party and has held his seat in Congress with a high approval rating since 1998.

Brady also is a member of the Armed Services Committee. The congressman applauded Parrish’s prior military work.

“We absolutely need people with his military service and private sector experience in Washington. Mike is committed to investing in our schools and making college more affordable for our families. Mike is the Democrat that will win the seat.”

“I’m very proud to have Bob’s endorsement,” Parrish said. “I admire his deep commitment to standing up and fighting for working men and women in Southeastern Pennsylvania. In Washington, together, we’ll work towards investing in our young people, improving our schools, and creating an environment where small businesses can thrive again.”

The support of Brady is very telling for Parrish’s campaign and the 6th district race.

Parrish has received plenty of negative feedback from both Democrats and Republicans for his recent switch in political parties. The National Republican Campaign Committee recently announced a mock Mike Parrish website that questions the West Point graduate’s political loyalties.

“Michael Parrish wants to be in Congress so badly, he is willing to abandon his political principles and join the party of ObamaCare and Nancy Pelosi just to have an easier path to a general election,” said NRCC Regional Spokesman Ian Prior.

Along with Brady’s endorsement Parrish has also received fundraising support from former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. It seems that Parrish is not only now registered as a Democrat, but he also has the support of the higher-ups in the party.

But Brady’s endorsement also shows that Parrish is the Democrat to beat in PA-6. After Rep. Jim Gerlach (R-Chester) announced that he planned to retire, plenty of rumors swirled about which Democrats would attempt to run to succeed the popular Republican Congressman.

Manan Trivedi, who faced off against Gerlach in both 2010 and 2012, may also be considering a run for the Democratic nomination against Parrish. The two were seen chatting over drinks at the Pennsylvania Democrat’s State Committee Meeting last weekend.

As it stands now, Parrish — who already announced he was running before Gerlach retired — is the lone officially announced Demcorat in the race. He is likely to face GOP Chester County Commissioner Ryan Costello.

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4 thoughts on “PA-6: Rep. Bob Brady Backs Parrish”

  1. KSJW says:

    Bob’s still trying to flex his muscles outside of Philly after his flop at State Committee?

  2. Adam says:

    Here’s a fun game – try to find 10 voters in the 6th CD who know who Bob Brady is.

  3. David Diano says:

    Brady continues to demonstrate his uselessness to the PA Democratic party

  4. Observer says:

    Whatsamatta, Bobby – couldn’t find a real Democrat to run? So you went with the Oil Patch guy who will be swimming in Koch Brothers/Chevron cash? Ewwww.

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