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PA-6: Ryan Costello Challenges Manan Trivedi to “Friendly” Wager

the-lincRyan Costello, the Republican candidate in Pennsylvania’s 6th District, challenged his opponent, Democrat Manan Trivedi, to a friendly wager for this Sunday’s Philadelphia Eagles football game.

Costello wagered that if the Philadelphia Eagles lose on Sunday, he would bring a case of craft beer from Pennsylvania’s Victory Brewing to Trivedi’s campaign office. On the flipside, if Washington loses, Trivedi would bring a case of DC Brau to Costellos campaign office.

The not-exactly-so friendly wager is inspired by one of Costello’s favorite attacks; that he lives in the Philly area, while Trivedi does not. Costello asserts that while he has lived in the Philadelphia area for his entire life, Trivedi owns a home in Washington D.C. and 95 percent of his income last year came from DC hospitals and health consulting firms.

The email from Costello to Trivedi reads,

Dear Manan:

Although we are entering the final few weeks of campaign season, the NFL football season is just getting underway. I thought it might be a refreshing break to make a friendly political wager on this weekend’s upcoming Eagles-Washington game.

As someone who has lived and worked in the Philadelphia area my entire life, I am a die-hard Eagles fan. I am so confident in an Eagles victory that if — by some stroke of bad luck — Washington beats Philadelphia, I will bring a case of Pennsylvania’s own Victory Beer — made a few miles from my home in Chester County– to your campaign office.

Conversely, I know that you own a home in the heart of Washington and your filings with the Clerk of the House of Representatives show you earned 95 percent of your income last year — and 100 percent this year — from DC hospitals and health consulting firms.  Heck, your main employer, the Washington Hospital Center, was the longtime “official hospital” of Washington’s NFL team and lists you on their website as a doctor of internal medicine.

So, if your Washington team loses, you would owe me a case of a craft beer from Washington, DC, such as DC Brau or Capitol City Brewing.

Cheers!  And may the best team (the Eagles) win!

E-A-G-L-E-S!  Eagles!


Ryan Costello

It seems worth pointing out that the campaign never uses Washington’s team name, “Redskins” which has come under fire recently. Also, they technically play in Maryland but that’s neither here nor there.

In addition to the friendly wager, though, Costello also picked up the endorsement of former Eagle offensive tackle Jon Runyan, who played with the Eagles from 2002 to 2008. After playing for the Eagles, Runyan was elected to represent New Jersey’s 3rd District in Congress in 2010, a seat he will retire from after this Congressional session.

The race between Costello and Trivedi in the 6th District is for an open seat. Current Congressman Jim Gerlach (R) announced his retirement in early January. Trivedi previously ran on the Democratic ticket for the seat in 2010 and 2012, losing by a margin of nearly 15 percent both times.

The 6th District is located in eastern Pennsylvania and includes portions of Chester, Berks, Lebanon, and Montgomery Counties.

10 Responses

  1. Really? I get Costello’s dumb brochures in the mail where they Photoshop trivedi in some sweatshirt and paint him as an extremist. Costello is a joke.

  2. I would like to point out to you “6th District Voter,” that your statement is inaccurate about Commissioner Costello’s remarks. He did not say he did not like Victory Brewing. He said, basically craft beer isn’t his thing or what he drinks. I hardly think what he prefers to drink is relevant. He then goes on the laud Victory for all the good work, brand awareness, local expansion, and community support they provide. Fact check yourself please. You seemed to conveniently leave the main part of his statement out, which is, Costello supports local, and Victory is local.

  3. Observer: how exactly do you think “Veteran Manan would clean his clock in that joust”? Simply because he’s a veteran, he must be an expert marksman? You clearly know very little of the military or the various MOS’s/AOCs. I know many people in the military who haven’t qualified with their weapon in years, and others never in the military who are champion marksmen and women.
    Your comment in general misses the point entirely. I am not a Costello fan at all, and in fact have donated to Manan in prior elections. The problem isn’t even that Manan spent most of his time outside the district, it’s that he could be painted as a DC-insider without even holding office. This district was a give-away to the GOP as soon as Trivedi entered his 3rd attempt at the seat. The DCCC has even seemed to abandon all hopes in PA.

  4. I don’t know why I even bother to read the comments on here, but I did this morning. So… This is a great, humorous way to raise an important point. It’s not the *only* point in the race, of course, but where the candidates live (i.e., in the district or NOT) is an issue that many voters care about. And if you prefer a candidate who lives and works outside of Pennsylvania, then you should vote for the Democrat in this case.

  5. Yeah, because why would someone care if the person who represented them lived in another state and not Pennsylvania? Duh. THAT is the issue. Raised through an NFL analogy. If these are the bright minds leading the PA Dem party its no wonder they have no shot at picking up any Congressional Seats or taking control of either the PA House or Senate

  6. Because, you know, it is way more important which sports teams you follow, than, say, whether you took a $10,000.00 Bribe from the Merchants of Death at the NRA. Why doesn’t Ryan wager who is a better shot with a long rifle? That is JUST as irrelevant, and Veteran Manan would clean his clock in that joust.

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