PA-6: WaPo Moves Seat to “Safe Republican”

costelloThe PA-6 race is no longer competitive.

That’s according to Aaron Blake of the Washington Post and his latest House forecast.

Blake is moving the PA-6 from “Lean Republican” to “Safe Republican”.

Rep. Costello is running against Democratic nominee Mike Parrish for his second term.

The only two PA congressional seats that are now considered competitive are PA-8 and PA-16 which were rated “toss-up” and “Lean Republican” respectively.

The 6th Congressional District consists of parts of Berks, Chester, Lebanon and Montgomery Counties.

19 Responses

  1. All depends on how high the Tsunami gets on Election Day. We’ll see if Costello gets washed away then.

  2. Frankly, I don’t care if he’s my pet dog Fido. If we have a warm body that will assure getting rid of Costello’s votes with the unhinged Tea Party/Trump Republican House members, I’m on board. Parrish just happens to be in the right place at the right time.

    And no amount of fake fanning the flames from the primary changes that.

  3. Hey Montco dem, blast Costello all you want but you know what’s going to be funny? Parrish’s q3 report. He’s a deadbeat clown and no one supports him. And many in his own county party and even his former staff make fun of him and think he’s a total loser. And he’s a coward for being scared to run against Lindy Li.

  4. Costello has voted for every obstructionist, backwards Republican measure that this incompetent Congress has considered.

    Say what you will about Parrish, but he won’t vote the same way that Costello has. That’s all I need to know.

  5. Incompetent PA Dems and DCCC who picked this Neocon oil man. Did not try to recruit one single effective candidate. Another reason to be an Ex-Dem…

  6. Voters in PA-6 should know that Costello hasn’t had the balls to either stand with or against the Republican Presidential candidate. Instead, he’s nibbled around the edges, saying how “inappropriate” Trump’s statements are.

    Costello is trying to follow the same path Toomey is, so nobody gets offended. It isn’t going to work; I hope Trump supporters see this for exactly what it is and refuse to pull the lever for down-ballot candidates like this.

    The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette used a traffic-light system to show where Repub candidates stand on Trump — the color code for cowards like Costello and Toomey was Yellow. How appropriate.

  7. @Pa Dem Watcher
    Except that no one named Lindy is running for a seat in PA-16. Speaking of doing homework…

  8. Too bad Lindy was literally so incompetent she couldn’t figure out how to petition to be on the ballot….

  9. Pa16 is a toss up. That’s laughable. WaPost should do their homework. Lindy was a terrible candidate and needs WAY more experience. Nice person but needs to not talk about J. Crew during interviews.

  10. Mike Parrish’s house is in foreclosure. Seriously, who picked this guy to run for Congress?

  11. Ryan,

    The people of the 6th District recognize that you have worked hard and done the right things. We hope to have you representing us for many years to come.

  12. I’m a liberal voting for Ryan Costello. Mike Parrish is a bad businessman, corrupt, and inept.

  13. Lindy’s suit cases full of dreams also had lots of cash in them. She should’ve talked to parrish. He would’ve taken that deal!!!

  14. A little known fact: Parrish is the only candidate for Congress in the country whose house in going through foreclosure proceedings during this election cycle.

  15. So does Cook, Rothenberggonzales, Sabato and even half the Chesco Democratic Party. Parrish is a disgrace and has treated his campaign staff like he did his business vendors – without timely or full pay. Wonder if Costello let’s him off light or torpedoes him for sport!

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