PA-7: Balchunis Earns Delco Democratic Endorsement


Mary Ellen Balchunis

The Delaware County Democratic Committee held their annual nominating convention today and they unanimously nominated Mary Ellen Balchunis in the race for PA-7. Rep. Bob Brady was also formally endorsed for re-election to Pennsylvania’s First District.

Balchunis is a professor at La Salle University and a native of Delaware County. She graduated from Cardinal O’Hara High School and the University of Pennsylvania. After her victory, Delco Democratic Party chair David Landau praised the candidate’s qualities.

“Mary Ellen Balchunis is going to be a terrific candidate,” Landau said. “She is going to draw the contrast very starkly with Pat Meehan, who despite his PR is a tea party, right wing Congressman. He is not representing the interests of Delaware County.”

Congressman Bob Brady, who was also unanimously nominated at the convention, added his own words of support for the first-time candidate in his acceptance speech.

“This lady can work,” Brady said of Balchunis. “She’s smart. She’s bright. She works her butt off and she knows the issues.”

“I’m honored that the party asked me to run and honored that they gave me a unanimous endorsement,” Balchunis concluded.

Balchunis will face incumbent GOP Congressman Pat Meehan. The 7th district is rated R+2 by the expert, non-partisan Cook Political Report.

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3 thoughts on “PA-7: Balchunis Earns Delco Democratic Endorsement”

  1. David Diano says:


    Hippie? There haven’t been any hippies around for 40 years.

  2. Klinger7jim:
    Haha! Have another funny one lined up? Like Corbett and his rag-tag bunch aren’t a bunch of Teahadist swine.

  3. Klinger7jim says:

    A left wing hippy professor from the main line? Oh man, the PAGOP is going to have loads of fun with this.

    By the way, great reporting job on here PoliticsPa… Was there any actual reporting here that wasn’t copied and pasted from that local news story?

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