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PA-7: Hoyer to Headline Event for Golderer

GoldererIt was a busy day for Bill Golderer’s Congressional campaign.

First, they revealed that Lachlan McIntosh will be leading the team as Campaign Manager.

McIntosh is a veteran Democratic consultant who last managed North Carolina Congressman Mike McIntyre’s re-election in 2012. won the American Association of Political Consultants award for Local Campaign Manager of the Year, and in 2011, Politico named him as one of the “50 Politicos to Watch.”

Additionally, the Golderer team announced that House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer will be headlining a fundraising event for the candidate later this month.

This is another signal that the party’s leadership is behind the Philly pastor. The DCCC initially encouraged him to run and publicly praised him last month.

“This is an exciting time for our campaign,” said Bill Golderer. “Everyday, more and more people are joining our movement because they share our belief that Congress is broken and that we need commonsense leaders to fix it. I’m not a professional politician, but I know how to bring people together to get things done. That’s the kind of approach I’ll take to get Congress working for the people again.”

2014 Democratic nominee Mary Ellen Balchunis is also running in this year’s primary. Incumbent GOP Congressman Pat Meehan is seeking his fourth term.

The 7th district includes most of Delaware County as well as parts of Chester, Montgomery, Berks and Lancaster Counties.

19 Responses

  1. And what do we get if he wins? We may as well have a terrible Republican Congressman , as a pretend Democrat. And to call him a successor to Bob Edgar is an insult to the memory of one of Delaware Countie’s most esteemed representatives. Bob never used his religion as a substitute for the real work he did, in passing and writing laws for the benefit of all his constituents. Ms Buchanis will do us proud. Ignore the party officials from Utah and New York and Florida. They need to improve their own states before they make decisions about the Pa 7th.

  2. The state needs -REAL- Liberal Progressive Dems, not more “moderate”, “blue dog” DINO reich-wing wannabees.

  3. Senator Rutherford B. Cattywampus-

    Hoyer is going to be very disappointed when Golderer fails to become a congressman.

  4. Steny Hoyer is here promoting another conserva-corporatist Dem to preserve the DC money machine.

  5. Thank Heavens! an Apostle from above with all of his kind words and good deeds is running to save us from Mary Ellen. He is blessed. Let us begin the veneration….. He doesn’t live in the district. He doesn’t work in the district. He doesn’t vote in most elections. He can’t even vote for himself. Why should any one else???Oh that’s right the DCCC told us he is the best choice. Sounds like a bad sermon to me.

  6. Jack Washington-

    The “Democratic Performance” in the districts is terrible and consistently 6 to 10 points below the GOP, even for Presidential. So, if 82% of the Dems show up, 89% of the registered Republicans will show up.

    You are cherry-picking races that are not even remotely analogous to this cycle.

    Obama lost the district in 2012, Corbett was widely hated as a terrible Gov and lost in a landslide, Casey is an incumbent and moderates/conservative Dem with pro-life beliefs, the GOP ran a lackluster 2015 campaign with poorly qualified candidates.

    Delco had county wide races in 2015 for council and the courts. While the Supreme court judges barely won in Delco, the local candidates lost by around 10 thousand votes.

    Moderate Delco Republican voters have a tremendous disconnect between the top and bottom of the ticket. They’ll vote Dem at the top, but Rep for local candidates. Also, the Delco GOP machine pushes their local candidates hard and doesn’t give two f*cks about the top of the ticket.

    The best way to beat Meehan is to give him one of those hoverboards and send him out into traffic or wait for it to burn down his house.

  7. Look, you have to look at basic fundamentals to see who exactly is going to have the best opportunity to beat Meehan in November (which is already a stretch to begin with considering his war chest, but with Trump on the top of the ticket, anything could happen). Balchunis may be the favorite of the long-time party stalwarts due to her long involvement, but what are campaigns run on? Money and organization. Balchunis may be a long-time beloved activist, but campaign-wise she has demonstrated to be a political amateur. She didn’t even crack $100K in fundraising in 2014 and her organization is pretty much made up of this small but tight group of party regulars. She hasn’t seemed interested in getting any better in either department, which is troubling to anybody who would like to see the district flip.

    Golderer may have his faults, but the fact of the matter is that he is positioning himself to at least be ABLE to make a good run at the seat should it become competitive. As Herb Brooks said, “Great moments are born from great opportunity.” We have seen that in races all over the country where the GOP has made missteps that made races suddenly competitive, but they would not have been if the opposing candidate wasn’t in position to take advantage. Contrasting examples: Indiana’s Senate race in 2012, where Richard Mourdock made a Todd Akin-style comment and since his opponent was a well-positioned moderate Dem acceptable to Indiana’s offended moderates/conservatives, he was able to take advantage. Compare that to a race such as New York’s 11th District, where Michael Grimm, facing indictment/scandal (and now in jail because of it) and having faced national embarrassment when he threatened a reporter on camera, STILL coasted to reelection because the Democrats had an amateur dunce of a candidate running (Domenic Recchia). Contrary to what many believe, candidates and campaigns do matter folks!

    At this moment the race will be an uphill battle for any Democrat simply because of Meehan’s cash stockpile and the district itself (despite a dead-even DPI, Meehan has a base in the bluest part of the district because of his years of service in Upper Darby’s government), but with the unpredictability of the top of the ticket, we could see fortunes change quickly. Democrats deserve a candidate who is going to be able to take advantage. Golderer is better positioned to do so than Balchunis. No disrespect to the party diehards backing her, but it’s an undeniable fact at this point.

  8. Diano: The registration doesn’t matter when, as currently gerrymandered, Obama won the District in 08′, Casey won it in 12′, Wolf in 14′, and three Dem Supreme Court Justices in 15′. The fact is that the 7th District votes for Dems. It’s called the Democratic Performance Index, and in 2016 that number is floating between 49.5% – 49.7% Democratic in the Seventh – and that’s before Trump is the Republican nominee.

    Golderer also has a 70% voting record in federal elections over the last ten years, an office he’s seeking. Moreover, while voting is important, even more important is feeding people who are hungry, clothing the naked, and loving those society has given up on.

    I’m not going to dog you for supporting your preferred candidate, but I believe Golderer is more qualified to be a Congressman because his Democratic principles into practice and built multimillion dollar organizations that make a positive impact on the lives of thousands.

  9. Jack Washington-

    The national Dems get involved when those whoremongers smell a candidate with money to line the pockets of their friends (vendors, consultants).

    7th District:
    146.5 K Dems
    56.0 K Independents/Other
    212.3 K Republicans

    That’s a 65.8 K voter registration advantage.

    They do NOT “see an opportunity to beat a Republican and win a seat in Congress”, they saw an opportunity to line their pockets.

    Golderer has a voting record under 50% and no one ever heard of him in the 7th until this year. Whereas Balchunis has a 100% voting record and been involved in Delco politics for decades, helping candidates at all levels (and is a political science professor).

    Balchunis is simply more qualified to represent the Dems in congress and has been on the right side of the issues.

  10. Brendon, obviously the Committees of Delaware , Chester and Montgomery Counties disagree, as well as the Chair of Lancaster county, Andy Dinniman, Judy Schwank, Daylin Leach, and Sen Art Haywood III all the the Democratic state Senators have endorsed Mary Ellen Balchunis.

  11. Jack your info is faulty, how can he claim any thing moved when he didn’t vote, regardless, He didn’t vote once while his house was part of the 7th from 2005 to 2012.

  12. Ask yourself the following question: can this guy win?

    Can he win a primary? Can he win a general election and bring PA-7 back to the Dems?

    The DCCC thinks so. Steny Hoyer thinks so. And many in and around the district think so, too.

    So, we can continue with disingenuous ad homonym attacks or we can ask ourselves who will bring an important district back to the Democratic side AND serve the best interests of the district.

    Bill Golderer’s the guy.

  13. Nice try. Last year, Broad Street Minisrty fed 90,000 meals to thousands of people in need. They also gave them the opportunity to get re-plugged into society by being hooked up with the services they need to get on their feet.

    If you don’t think feeding the hungry is cool, maybe you like education. Golderer also founded a needs-blind pre school to offer children without wealthy parents a top notch pre school education because studies prove that children who attend pre school achieve more in life.

    Or, if you don’t like feeding the hungery or educating children, maybe you like food. He’s also opening a restaurant this year that’s a not for profit model, meaning that 100% of the reataurants profits go to feeding the poor, homeless or hungry. Yeah, he sounds like a bad dude.

  14. rev bill is a shister who enriches himself in the name of the led at the expense of others and then tries to con everyone else into thinking he is helping others. He won’t be able to con the voters like he cons his flock.

  15. Bill Golderer has spent his life dedicated to building organizations that help people raise themselves from deep poverty, hunger and homelessness.

    Bill’s home was gerrymandered out of the Seventh!! That’s extremely important to keep in mind. He didn’t leave the Seventh, it literally left him.

    Also, the national Dems are getting involved in this race because that’s what they do when they see an opportunity to beat a Republican and win a seat in Congress.

    Bill has a proven record of making a positive difference in people’s lives and he’s dedicated his life to public service in doing so. The Democratic party clearly realizes the unique opportunity that he presents for both the local and national party, and they’re helping him because it’s good for the Seventh, it’s good for PA, and it’s good for Country.

  16. So let me get this straight – The candidate doesn’t live in the district. The DCCC, which are all outsiders are helping him. And to help him, they send in an out of stater from the Carolinas to be his campaign manager. Then, they send in Steny Hoyer from Maryland/DC to raise money for him.

    So no one involved in this campaign for Golderer has any interest in the 7th Congressional District, except to come in and take advantage of and manipulate the people in the 7th District. Bill Golderer can’t even vote for himself. Who do these people think they are?

  17. Venerated Campaign Manager and a Hoyer event??? Looks like Golderer is moving to a strong win in April. And, with Trump at the top of the Republican ticket Meehan is extremely vulnerable in a swinging Seventh District. Red to Blue?? Possibly. Fun stuff.

  18. This guy sucks money out of the faithful from the pulpit every week and he needs a big fish like Hoyer and a DCC hired gun to blow some life into his flaccid campaign?? Typical National Democratic Party ” we know what is best for you and its not who the actual democratic committee people choose” Just point me towards the special Kool aid right now. His campaign is Jonestown revisited. Go Mary Ellen!!!!

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