PA-7: Meehan Easily Leads Challenger in Q1

Rep. Meehan
Rep. Meehan

To say that incumbent Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Delaware) has a monetary advantage over his Democratic challenger Mary Ellen Balchunis (D-Delaware) would be an understatement.

According to the latest campaign finance reports covering the 1st quarter of 2014, Meehan raised approximately $149,014 while Balchunis was only able to accrue $10,119 — a difference of nearly 14 to 1. And while Meehan has spent $130,772 on his re-election campaign, Balchunis spent a measly $506.

As the incumbent in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District, Meehan also sports much more cash on hand. The congressman has $1,609,143 worth of spending money while his challenger only has $9,612 to her name.

Neither candidate has a challenger for the primary in May, so Balchunis has plenty of time to up her fundraising game. Money doesn’t necessarily lead to campaign success, but the odds of Balchunis defeating Meehan at her current pace of fundraising looks extremely unlikely.

Balchunis’s largest campaign contribution came from former PA-7 Democratic candidate George Badey. Badey ran in 2012 but lost to Meehan in the general.

PA-7 only leans slightly Republican with a Cook Political Report partisan voting index of just R+2, which is why the lack of fundraising efforts by Balchunis seems rather odd. That being said, Meehan is a popular incumbent who easily won the seat in 2012.

5 Responses

  1. Barbara Blum — what a joke. She is a joke. She’s not going to rise in the polls, because there will be no polls. Nobody polls in races that aren’t even real races. And she’s not a real candidate.

    Every pundit in the business says the 7th is SAFE. Not likely GOP, not lean GOP, SAFE.

    You’re not smarter than they are — you’re just delirious.

  2. Barbara,
    The ACA is a disgrace and is a future tax burden on ALL Americans.
    The second point which I feel I must address is that when you speak about Womens “choice” do you think about the baby’s choice?
    That innocent person being killed never had a choice. Often Left wing-wacko’s disguise abortion as “womens health”……anyone who is an advocate for “women’s health” as I am, can not seriously support aborting a child.
    Illegal immigrants have rights….but not children waiting to be born.
    Somebody has to be the voice for these children to protect them from pro-abortion wackos like Barbara!

  3. Instead on focusing on the money raised by The Democratic nominee, who has only just started in the race, concentrate on the mini- Corbett who is our Congressman in the 7th. He has the same point of view as the Governor in almost every area. He thinks that women should not have choices. I heard him say that Seniors don’t care about Social Security for the next generation. He opposed the Affordable Care Act. He refused to come to speak to A Senior community in his district, or send an aide on his behalf.
    When the voters learn more about Mary Ellen Balchunis she will rise in the polls.

  4. A shame for the Democrats…The failed leadership of Delco Dem Chair David Landau PA Dem Chair Jim Burn strikes again!

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