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PA-7: Meehan Gets Primary Challenger

Meehan-UpsetLast week saw yet another development in the PA-7 congressional election.

In December, Lindy Li left the Democratic primary to run in the PA-6 race instead.

Now, Montgomery County businessman Stan Casacio announced that he’ll be running in the Republican primary.

“My Congressman, Pat Meehan, hides out in a carved up, gerrymandered district that is designed to be a ‘Republican Safe Seat’, but his voting record is anything but Republican,” Casacio writes. “In fact, Conservative Review gave Pat Meehan a conservative rating of F: 31%. And the Heritage Foundation gave him a failing rating of 36%.”

“I am running to give Republican voters a choice and the opportunity to have a representative who will do what is right rather than what is politically convenient,” Casacio pledged.

Congressman Pat Meehan has served since 2011 and is seeking his fourth term. On the Democratic side, 2014 nominee Mary Ellen Balchunis is competing with pastor Bill Golderer.

The 7th district includes most of Delaware County as well as parts of Chester, Montgomery, Berks and Lancaster Counties.

30 Responses

  1. I’m voting against Meehan. Not happy with some of his record and especially not happy with his canned responses to my inquiries.

  2. I am tired of voting for a principled republican and getting a RINO the votes like a democrat just because he is in a purple state in a safe republican district and once to stay elected.

    I am going to vote in the Republican primary to unseat Pat Meehan. If unsuccessful I will split my Republican vote in the PA 7th district general and vote for the democrat. What is the difference? In two years I will vote again for the RNC’s candidate if they are smart enough to put in a true republican. The PA RNC has a real problem finding and supporting true conservatives.

  3. @ d2:

    Regardless of what Rafael said, TED didn’t state anything related to Birtherism regarding BHO…as I wrote earlier and as no one has refuted.

  4. rsklaroff-

    Rafael Cruz, father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), told a tea party group in 2012 he thinks President Barack Obama should go “back to Kenya.”

    Considering that Obama was elected in 2008, his son, Ted, had 4 years to explain to his Dad where Obama comes from. Ted’s father clearly serves as a proxy for Ted (whose real name is Rafael Edward Cruz), so this goes in Ted’s pile.

    It’s especially hypocritical because both Rafael and Rafael Jr (aka Ted) know that Rafael Jr was born in Canada, and Obama was born in Hawaii. The “natural born” meaning in the Constitution (for “originalists”) is that you had to be born here or get citizenship passed through your Father, not Mother.

    Should Rafael Jr “go back to Canada” (or Cuba?)

  5. Before anyone listens to Guzzardi, take a look at the FEC Reports. Guzzardi has given money to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, Joe Hoeffel, Joe Torsella, Rob Andrews, Dan Wofford, etc. Who is he to call people Specter Republicans? What a joke.

  6. It appears that Casacio thinks that Delco GOP is a dysfunctional as the Montco GOP. Nothing could be farther from the truth. He will get his butt kicked in Delco. In addition Meehan’s views are in touch with those of suburban Philadelphia voters, who are different from those of rural Texas. The only plus I can see from this Casacio effort is that it will reinforce Meehan’s centrist credentials which strengthen him in the general election. I would be surprised if Casacio gets 20% of the vote in the Primary.

  7. @ Guzzardi:

    You are improving when you assert your viewpoint regarding the potential for Stanley to appeal to lotsa people, but you should PLEASE not equate Trump/Cruz; you obviously didn’t listen to Rush today, for he beat-up on Trump for the first time, clearly quoting the positives of Cruz throughout.

  8. @ d2:

    Although each of your attack-sentences against Cruz is faulty, let’s just focus on one; when did Cruz become a BHO-birther?

  9. @ bettercallsaul You’re absolutely correct. Everyone already knows Pennsylvania is Alabama the minute you cross the Montco border into central pa

  10. rsklaroff-

    What does rent cost in your fantasy world?

    Cruz is an incredible fool who doesn’t understand the Constitution, economics, international relationships, or basic science.

    He’s a total hypocrite on “birtherism” for his claims that Obama wasn’t a citizen, when his own case for natural citizenship is far weaker.

    Cruz is a religious nutjob who can’t get elected, and would ruin the country if he was.

  11. The Year of the Outsider

    Stanley Casacio is challenging Arlen Specter Republican Pat Meehan and whether you are for Trump or Cruz, Stan Casacio is your guy.

  12. To win this primary, he’s got to win in Delco, against the hometown hero of the Delco GOP machine. I guess I can see how people who have no experience in Delco politics might believe that’s possible.

  13. Sklaroff, get back in your bunker. We’ll send Cruz down after Hillary/Bernie crushes him, and he can enjoy all your bonkers links to sites that probably border on qualifying as hate groups.

  14. @ Stan’s Hair:

    Gale doesn’t care that down-ballot Republicans [such as one commissioner-candidate in Abington, who lost by one vote] fared poorly due to his unnecessarily-aggressive/isolationist bullet-ballot strategy [hatched after he lost the GOP endorsement].”

    He has already failed to manifest the promised-independence that he had pledged [noting vote favoring eminent domain, absent explanation as to what might be done to forestall this government “taking”].

    Stanley would be wise if he can show he can rise above what is widely perceived as his political linkage with Gale, just as Brother Brian should demonstrate independence from Fitz [in the 8th], as explored on other pages of this website.

  15. @ d2:

    Trump is, indeed, a fraud; this is why I attempted to “help” Guzzardi differentiate him from Cruz.

    Cruz is a constitutional conservative, and he can document each of his assertions; BHO effected the sham partial-shutdown, not Cruz.

    Hillary is burnt-toast, notwithstanding the effort to rehab her by BHO and CNN; she will probably lose the first two primaries, with the last batch of e-mails providing the final nudge towards her “exit, stage left,” after which Bloomberg will enter [as I’ve been predicting for a year].

  16. Stan’s Hair-

    I won’t be satisfied until every Republican seat is controlled by a Democrat, either.

  17. This is hysterical. People are going to take one look at this guy and be terrified. As for Joe Gale, shouldn’t head be focused on his new job as commissioner and less time worrying about challenging a sitting Republican Congressman? Oh, that’s right. Joe has no interest in fighting for the taxpayers of Montgomery County. His only interest is collecting a taxpayer funded salary.

    Stan and Joe won’t be satisfied until every Republican seat is controlled by a Democrat.

  18. As for Stan, I’ll have to ask around a bit to see how damaging he can be to Meehan and the Delco GOP machine. I might consider offering him support (for the primary only) to go after Meehan.


    You are going to challenge Bill Kristol as the worst predictor in history.
    “My sense is that Donald Trump will do well in Pennsylvania.
    I predict that Hillary Clinton will discontinue her campaign citing health reasons which may, in fact, be real.”

    Neither of these is remotely true.


    Trump is a fraud, and Cruz is fool who is out of touch with science/reality/facts. Recently Cruz denied he was behind the last government shutdown.

  19. Stanley faces a far greater challenge than did Gale, noting that this is a high-visibility election year and that the pro-life issue won’t be active [although, having known him for decades, his being honorable cannot be denied].

    Much of what Guzzardi writes is c/w with his ongoing narrative, but he overextends his attacks when including Toomey in his cross-hairs [for he forgets the Buckley Rule].

    He illustrates his inherent flaws when he pairs Trump/Cruz, for the two cannot be more different [with Trump channeling the Establishment, an observation that Guzzardi surprisingly missed].

    He channels what I’ve been writing for years about Hillary, for it seems the latest leak is best characterized as the “44 magnum of smoking-guns” [and today’s coughing-spell could trigger a narrative that yields a soft exit].

    The take-home message, here, is that trumpeting-Trump is dangerous, even when the temptation arises to associate him with the newly-suggested “Year of the Outsider” [for, if nothing else, it would be apt to honor Cruz, instead, with leadership of such an era].

  20. This is the year of the Outsider.

    Stanley Casacio is self-funded, experienced businessman and political activist who supported Joe Gale as Joe took on the Gleason Asher band of incompetent, self-serving losers in Montgomery County. In the year of the “Outsider”, Stan Casacio is well-position to defeat Arlen Specter Republican Pat Meehan in a Republican district.

    Donald Trump fights and flummoxes the Republican Establishment which has abandoned and betrayed and Left Wing Media that insults and humiliates regularly. Donald Trump speaks to everyday Americans.

    I think that Donald Trump energizes the all those voters who feel unheard and left out; he helps the insurgent outsider candidates like Stan Casacio, Art Halvorson and Chet Beiler.

    Pat Toomey is seen as an Insider entwined with the “Republican Establishment” so I see Donald Trump, (or Ted Cruz), at top of ticket as bad for Pat Toomey; I predict ticket splitting to the detriment of Senator Toomey’s re-election.

    The Gleason Asher team of incompetent, self-serving losers are backing Marco Rubio which should tell you all you need to know about Marco Rubio’s chances of winning the Republican nomination. My sense is that Donald Trump will do well in Pennsylvania.

    I predict that Hillary Clinton will discontinue her campaign citing health reasons which may, in fact, be real.

  21. Stan must be perceived as a serious candidate, notwithstanding the predictable noise from other commentators.

  22. Oh, geegaw!! Not south Texas. But still another white-haired, white-faced GOP nutcase.

  23. The hacks are out in full force to defend Meehack. Clue: opposing corporate welfare and deficits doesn’t make one a right-wing nut job

  24. Great, a loony-tunes millionaire businessman jumps into a primary contest to try to drag the race in a militant tea party direction — has anyone heard this story before?
    He’ll make Meehan and the other SEPA moderates look more reasonable by comparison.

    Is it possible, though, that we’ve found the only candidate on any ballot, anywhere to have worse hair than Donald Trump?

  25. Translation: This R+2 seat should have a ruby red conservative to lose in the general election.

    I know this is hard to understand but please realize suburban Philadelphia isn’t rural Texas.

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