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PA-7: Third Candidate Enters Democratic Primary

GoldererThe battle to face off against Congressman Pat Meehan has suddenly gotten crowded.

According to Jonathan Tamari of the Inquirer, Philadelphia pastor Bill Golderer is throwing his hat into the ring in the PA-7 race.

“I feel like this is an evolution of my current work, trying to see if I can make a difference in a body that I think a lot of people have written off as being kind of dysfunctional,” Golderer stated.

Apparently, the DCCC urged Golderer to run although they’re not formally backing him at this moment.

Their involvement is intriguing because the party already has two candidates running in the primary, 2014 nominee Mary Ellen Balchunis and Lindy Li. Li is younger and has less experience but has raised vastly more money than Balchunis so far.

The 7th district includes most of Delaware County as well as parts of Chester, Montgomery, Berks and Lancaster Counties. It is rated R+2 but is not currently considered a competitive race by any major political prognosticators. Rep. Pat Meehan has represented the seat since 2011.

9 Responses

  1. Lindy’s last filing has only $16,000 of her money coming from PA, and barely more than a few thousand coming from within the district.

    Sure, Lindy doesn’t have to live in the district to run, and she can live in the 2nd district in a ritzy apartment on Rittenhouse Square. But, then, why lie about it, when you are running on an alleged platform to do things differently?

    Don’t we have enough spoiled rich kids in congress already?

  2. For Delco Democrats, actually living in the district you seek to represent is optional. What’s the worst that can happen, ARD? There’s now an empty house in Radnor that is available for occupancy, if he doesn’t mind the leftover smell of weed. Poor Lindy; it doesn’t look like a happy ending. Looks like the civics teacher is the pick!

  3. We already have too many religious fundamentalists in Congress. I respec other people who practice religion,but even those who are generous and respectful of others beliefs are too likely to forget the separation of church and state once they hold public office. So- noexperience in government or politics means that Bot Li and Golderer should not be considered. Why don’t new ,young Congress wannabes get experience fort. Committee person, school board, county clerk, lots of governmental or political work first. Congress is too important to be left to the children.

  4. Balchunis can’t win. Li can’t win and has a completely inexplicable and possibly fraudlent campaign finance report. Golderer (who?) can’t win either. This seat is so safely Republican as a result of the indefensible redistricting process that I’m amazed DCCC even cares who runs.

  5. So this guy is a pastor in the city, but doesn’t even bother to actually live here? Then he goes around lecturing people on how greedy and selfish they are?

  6. David Diano also lives in the 7th Congressional District, in his parents’ basement (according to the statewide dump from the SURE system).

    Now, the rules do not require commenters to live outside their parents’ basement, but it doesn’t look good when they don’t.

  7. Golderer lives (is registered) in the 6th Congressional district.

    His voting record is abysmal. He registered in 2005, but has only voted twice in the past 9 years: Nov 2012 and Nov 2014
    (according to the statewide dump from the SURE system)

    Lindy Li is registered at a condo in Radnor (in the 7th), but according to several sources, she actually lives in Philly near Rittenhouse SQ in the 8th Ward and 2nd Congressional district.

    Now, the rules do not require congressional candidates to live in their districts nor be registered there, but it doesn’t look good when they don’t.

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