PA-8: Cook Political Report Moves Race from “Likely Republican” to “Solid Republican”

mike-fitzpatrick2It’s been quite a strong week for Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.

Last Friday, Rothenberg Political Report called his seat “safe”. Now this Friday, the Cook Political Report is doing the same.

Last month, Cook changed PA-8’s rating from “Lean Republican” to “Likely Republican”. This month, they’re changing it from “Likely Republican” to “Solid Republican”.

“Democratic former Army Ranger Kevin Strouse was hailed early on by Democrats as one of the star recruits of the cycle, and Democrats would need to win seats like this Bucks County district to win back the House,” Cook’s David Wasserman wrote. “But Strouse only squeaked through his primary 51 percent to 49 percent, and at the end of June, he only had $269,000 on hand to Fitzpatrick’s $1.9 million.”

Wasserman is likely referring to a Washington Post profile on DCCC Chairman Steve Israel that prominently featured Strouse and the fact that Strouse was part of the DCCC’s inaugural group of “Jumpstart” candidates back in May 2013.

“Right now, the general election doesn’t even look close,” Wasserman continues. “Although the Pennsylvania governor’s race is looking great for Democrats, Fitzpatrick is up comfortably because he’s successfully distanced himself from both Gov. Tom Corbett and the Tea Party. Yesterday, Americans for Responsible Solutions (Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly’s group) announced a new 30-second ad praising Fitzpatrick’s ‘leadership on reducing gun violence.’”

As we reported yesterday, ARS not only launched a pro-Fitzpatrick commercial, they also released a poll that showed the Congressman with a substantial lead.

Both Cook and Rothenberg now classify every House race in PA as uncompetitive except for the contest in the open PA-6 seat between Republican nominee Ryan Costello and Democratic nominee Manan Trivedi.

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3 thoughts on “PA-8: Cook Political Report Moves Race from “Likely Republican” to “Solid Republican””

  1. Sean Ryan says:

    It is actually sad that a candidate that was much Heralded and that had Steny Hoyer in town to fund raise for him would run such a pathetic and useless campaign.

    Next the Bucks County Democratic Party, run by political moron John Cordisco, should raise money for charity and not even field a candidate. All the money raised and spent by the Strouse campaign has literally been useless and wasted. Hell his 1% parents gave him almost $150K. They should have given it to Charity and at least recieved a tax deduction for it.

  2. Dude says:

    The rating is for this election only. I think one thing is clear though, Kevin Strouse is not the guy who can win for the Democrats.

  3. Delco Observer says:

    I would not say this is a “solid” republican seat…the proper label would be a solid Fitzpatrick seat…since this is his last term will be interesting to see if GOP can hold it in ’16.

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