PA-8: Fitzpatrick Announces March 13th Kick-Off

Fitzpatrick FundraiserBrian Fitzpatrick’s campaign kick-off will have a St. Patrick’s Day theme.

On March 13th, his team will host a “St. Patrick’s Day Festival” at the Spring Mill Manor.

Brian Fitzpatrick’s special guest for the event? His brother, retiring Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick, who he’s hoping to replace (and who has been helping him out).

Individual tickets cost $60 each while $250 makes one a “Shamrock Sponsor”. For the sum of $500, you can become a “Pot O’Gold Sponsor” and $1,000 earns you the highest honor of “St. Patrick Host”.

Fitzpatrick is running against former Bucks County Commissioner Andrew Warren and neuropsychologist Marc Duome in the Republican primary.

The 8th Congressional District consists of all of Bucks County as well as part of upper Montgomery County.

6 Responses

  1. So while allegations of federal law violations are swirling against both of the Fitzpatrick brothers, Mike wants to show up at Brian’s fundraiser. Probably not a smart play. Mike’s been in trouble with fundraisers before, missing his own swearing in ceremony (which I think he weaseled his way out of). I wouldn’t want him at any of my fundraisers if I was running! Toxic, and arguably corrupted.

  2. I want Fitzpatrick arrested! He stole me lucky charms and refuses to give them back! He stole all the hearts, rainbows, stars and rainbows! I won’t be votin for him in the fall that’s for sure.

  3. Begorrah! Fitzpatrick is Levittown’s native son – a fine lad if there ever was one. The problem emerging among the opponents and the has-beens is simple: Here’sBrian-Fitz, public servant, patriot and brainiac running for political office – they can’t stand it! Oh, yeah, Eagle Scout, too.

  4. Can someone please give Brother Brian a map of Bucks County? We don’t want our California friend to get lost on his big day.

  5. Slow news day = candidate holds a fundraiser? That’s never happened before! So let me see if I understand, people buy tickets and that money, minus the expenses of holding the event, are used by the candidate to purchase things like ads, campaign signs, and staff? This is revolutionary. This candidate’s opponents might as well pack it up now.

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