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PA-8: Fitzpatrick Emphasizes Roots in First TV Ad (VIDEO)

Brian Fitzpatrick has a well-known lineage but he’s lived out of state for awhile.

In an attempt to emphasize the former and mitigate the latter, his campaign’s first TV ad focuses on his family and personal story.

“I’m Brian Fitzpatrick. This is the House I grew up in with seven brothers and sisters; mom and dad still live here today,” the GOP nominee states in front of his childhood home. “Our parents were always teaching us about the importance of family and watching out for the neighborhood.”

Fitzpatrick then transitioned to his career as a prosecutor and FBI agent.

“It’s a lesson I carried with me as a federal prosecutor going after drug dealers who were selling their poison to our kids. And, it’s a lesson I carried with me as an FBI agent sent to Iraq to fight terrorists,” he concluded. “And, as your Congressman, it is a lesson I’ll never forget.”

This thirty-second spot resembles the candidate’s initial web video and comes just a week after Democratic nominee Steve Santarsiero first hit the airwaves.

“There’s a reason why Brian Fitzpatrick doesn’t mention any of the policies he supports in his first television spot,” Santarsiero Campaign Manager Eric Goldman stated. “That’s because Brian — who was recruited by Republican Party bosses to move to Pennsylvania in order to run for Congress under his brother’s name — supports out of touch positions like defunding Planned Parenthood, denying the science behind climate change, refusing to tackle preventable gun violence, and even supporting a right-wing budget that slashes Social Security and Medicare. The fact is that Brian Fitzpatrick’s positions would hurt everyday Pennsylvanians.”

The 8th Congressional District represents all of Bucks County as well as parts of upper Montgomery County.

9 Responses

  1. Ah yes, the old Trumpian pejorative nicknaming. Nothing says “I have the moral high ground” like schoolyard bullying.

  2. One is bad; the other worse. Past the time we have the people, not Party bosses, select the candidates.

  3. Fitzpatrick shouldn’t under-estimate Santar-zero, and shouldn’t pull any punches. Santar-zero will say just about anything to get elected. Like his kids “pack a lunch” – to preppy private schools.

  4. Damn, this is a good ad. Nick, keep hammering home that he lived in California and continue to just happen to forget the mention that the reason he lived there was he was serving his country honorably at the time. We need to nail him on this. It’s all I have. Otherwise, people may focus on the fact that I send my kids to a high school that costs $50,000 a year, yet try and pretend I understand the working man. They may notice that I lied about quitting the legal world after 9/11, and actually took another legal job before becoming a teacher. They may see right through the fact that I only became a teacher in order to bolster my political resume. And finally, they may again pay attention to the fact that I’ve been a complete failure in the house and haven’t passed a piece of legislation in the eight years I’ve been there.

  5. Hi, I am just in from California where I laughed my butt off every-time I saw a snow storm back at home. Since my brother is now the Congressman I figured I could just drop in as a legacy and enjoy what I feel I am entitled too. As soon as I am sworn in I plan on joining the house freedom caucus so that absolutely nothing gets done in Washington. When they hold up money earmarked for the people of Bucks and Montgomery I will surely vote with Trey Gowdy to make sure it does not come to the 8th!

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