PA-8: Fitzpatrick Proposes Six Debates

Fitzpatrick-SantarsieroDemocratic nominee Steve Santarsiero upped the ante in the PA-8 debate staredown.

Santarsiero provided eight possible dates in which he and GOP nominee Brian Fitzpatrick could face off.

Now, the Fitzpatrick campaign has responded with their own proposal. They’re challenging the Democrat to six debates to begin as soon as possible.

Their schedule is as follows:

Debate 1: WBCB Radio in Levittown moderated in-studio
Debate 2: Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce with the League of Women Voters
Debate 3: WNPV Radio in Lansdale moderated in-studio
Debate 4: Northampton Township Business and Professional Association
Debate 5: Bucks County Community College Lower Bucks Campus with Calkins Media
Debate 6: TBD

“The time for political games by politicians is over,” Fitzpatrick stated. “‘The Time Is Now’ for both candidates to put on full display for the voters our respective experiences, records of accomplishment, and vision for the future.”

“After our initial call for debates immediately after the Primary election, our opponent responded by requesting a series of six debates,” said Fitzpatrick spokesperson Athan Koutsiouroumbas.  “Brian Fitzpatrick wholeheartedly accepts that challenge. These venues are distributed across the district and the hosts have earned the respect of our community. We eagerly await our opponent’s response.”

The Fitzpatrick campaign also offered eight dates of their own in June, all of which were different than the eight proposed by Santarsiero. They did, however, say that they could do a lunchtime session on June 22nd at WBCB. Given that this was one of the dates Santarsiero mentioned, it appears this is the first contest the Fitzpatrick team wants.

The 8th Congressional District represents all of Bucks County as well as parts of upper Montgomery County.

UPDATE: The Santarsiero campaign sent the following response to PoliticsPA:

“Brian Fitzpatrick should stop with the political games. Only agreeing to debate during publicly scheduled legislative session is a cynical attempt to avoid debating. While continuing his legislative work, meeting constituents and raising his children, Steve proposed adequate times to debate Brian. Surely Brian can find a time to meet Steve during non-legislative hours.”

3 Responses

  1. I said it on another article. BF will just keep avoiding and avoiding the spotlight. Nothing new there. SS should just call him on it and get on with the debates.
    Enough already.

  2. santersario: how is it a political game if fitzpatrick accepted your challenge and went one step further by offering venues and hosts? i get the legislative schedule issues but santersario does realize fitzpatrick accepted one of steve’s proposed dates on june 22nd, right? that’s only three weeks away. seems good to me. also seems like santersario is playing the games. so annoying.

  3. Steve’s accomplished as much in the house as I have, and I’ve never served a day in the house. Now he’s worried about missing legislative days? This is the same guy who got boo’ed off the floor when he cowardly ran from a vote to fund his school district. And now he’s worried about missing legislative days? Just more cowardly actions by a coward of a politician from my own hometown.

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