PA-8: GOP Hammers Santarsiero For D.C. Trip

SantarsieroState Rep. and PA-8 Democratic nominee Steve Santarsiero was in Washington D.C. yesterday instead of Harrisburg. Republicans are hoping to make him pay for that.

“Rep. Santarsiero’s constituents deserve to know where he stands on this spending plan to fund our schools and our state and why he wasn’t in Harrisburg serving as their voice and vote,” GOP nominee Brian Fitzpatrick stated.

“With the Pennsylvania House now out of session on a summer-long recess, it shouldn’t have been too much to ask for Rep. Santarsiero to be in Harrisburg doing the job he holds now, not campaigning for the one he wants in Washington.”

The National Republican Congressional Committee is doubling down on the attack with a robocall set to go out to independent women in PA-8.

“Steve Santarsiero has again demonstrated that he puts his political career ahead of the taxpayers who pay him $85,000 a year to represent them in Harrisburg,” NRCC Spokesman Chris Pack said. “The least Steve Santarsiero can do is explain why he was campaigning in Washington, DC when he should have been in Harrisburg finalizing a bipartisan budget to fund our public schools and public universities.”

The NRCC provided the script of the call to PoliticPA:

Hi, this is Karen with an important recording regarding education funding in Bucks County.  I’m with the NRCC at 320 First Street Southeast in Washington, DC calling from 202-479-7000.

Yesterday, the state legislature finalized a bipartisan budget to fund our public schools and public universities.

That includes funding for all public schools in Bucks County.

Our state representative, Steve Santarsiero, missed those funding votes because he wasn’t in Harrisburg.

Instead, Steve was spotted in Washington, DC campaigning for Congress.

Call Steve Santarsiero at (215) 493-5420.

Ask him why he was in Washington, DC and not in Harrisburg where taxpayers are paying him a $85,000 salary to represent us.

Our students deserve a quality education, not an absent legislator.

Paid for by the NRCC. Not authorized by any candidate or committee. 202-479-7000

“This latest NRCC attack is little more than an effort to distract voters from the fact that Brian Fitzpatrick continues to avoid debating, avoiding his stance on Trump and avoiding telling the voter where he actually stands on major issues,” Santarsiero Campaign Manager Eric Goldman told PoliticsPA. “Steve Santarsiero has been and will continue to be a leader in this state on issues that matter to the residents of the 8th District ranging from job creation to college affordability to public safety. It’s time to stop the partisan sniping and engage in a real debate on the issues.”

The 8th Congressional District represents all of Bucks County as well as parts of upper Montgomery County.

18 Responses

  1. Better maul saul, correct, they have bother been public servants, my point is that criticizing people for how they earn a living is especially hypocritical coming from Republicans, the advocatesame for free market excess.

  2. Porter….how is a public high school teacher’s pension funded? How is a state legislator’s pension funded? That’s right….TAXES!

    Right now there is only one Eagles fan in the running for the 8th District. And that is the person born and raised in Bucks County..Brian Fitzpatrick.

  3. Santarsiero taught high school, but Fitzpatrick is a hero for taking a taxpayer funded pension? Brian is trying to capitalize on his brother’s political capital, he is a carpetbagger and thinks Bucks voters should get all excited simply because he shows up with his brother’s last name. Not impressed with this loser.

  4. “Wait What?” must be one of Santarsiero’s out of state campaign workers. Brian’s born and raised in levittown, I knew him from my egan days, he went there as well. Then, he went and he went to protect us in the war against terror in Afghanistan. Santarseiro lies and says he saw the world trade towers fall and that’s why he quit work as a lawyer, to give back, if he really wanted to give back he would have joined the military or law enforcement. He didn’t because he was a coward. Brian did. Further, Santarseiro is a rich stay at home husband trial lawyer from North Jersey. I hope he’s dumb enough to start a debate about who has roots in levittown.

    Fitzpatrick by 12.

  5. Steve is bad because he went to Washington for a day. Has Fitzptrick moved from California terror is he still house hunting?

  6. Once again, more Republicans posters on this site criticizing a Democrat for making MONEY. Is this open season on people who work hard and earn more money than others? Doesn’t exactly sound like an attack strategy from the Republican playbook, but I guess if your only claim to fame is being the unknown carpetbagging brother of a third rate Congressman, who can’t even raise as much money as the Democrat in a Republican district, than I guess you and your staff will throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.

  7. They should hit him for announcing his candidacy for Congress before he was even sworn in for his most recent term in the House.

  8. Thanks for backing me up guys. I appreciate the help. Wait… Hold on…. No one really backed me up… WTF!! You guys all just trashed robo calls. Can’t someone actually Support me here? I’m down 10 points, I need all the big business lobbying money I can get. I had an excuse, my dad was in the hospital in DC. Oh shit, already used that one for one of the other important votes I ran and hid from. I got it, this time my uncle got Zika and was in the hospital in DC. I had to be there. Really. And about the fundraiser part, my wife only makes $800,000 a year, were middle class folks I promise you, that $800k was enough for me to run for state rep, but not for congress.

  9. Terrible automated call. The majority hung up after the first two sentences.

  10. If someone picked up or got the voicemail, I guarantee that the strong majority didn’t listen past the first paragraph. Sounds like a scam or telemarketing call.

  11. A robocall is literally the least effective form of campaigning I can think of. I imagine maybe 10% of people that got called heard “Hi this is Karen with an important recording” and hung up.

    A better use of money would have been to take the money they spent on the robocalls and light it on fire in front of the Bucks County Courthouse. Would have gotten more press coverage.

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