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PA-8: GOP Super PAC Takes On Santarsiero in New TV Ad (VIDEO)

The Republicans are seeking to use PA-8 Democratic nominee and State Rep. Steve Santarsiero’s voting record against him.

It’s an old political truism that the longer one serves in a legislative position, the more ammo their political opponents have. That’s because of the myriad of multi-faceted bills and resolutions a legislator must vote on.

The Congressional Leadership Fund, the Super PAC of the House Republicans, are of course now attacking Santarsiero’s record.

Their new thirty-second TV spot, titled “Pork”, portrays the Democrat as an extravagant spender.

“Got pork? Steve Santarsiero does,” the narrator begins. “He voted to borrow $600 million for wasteful spending, including pork barrel projects like buildings for politicians. And supported walking around money for legislators to fund secret pet projects.

“How did he pay for it?” the commercial continues as shots of pigs are shown side-by-side with the legislator. “Well, he didn’t. You did. Santarsiero voted to raise gas taxes and driving fees. And as town supervisor, voted for record property tax increases. Taxin’ Steve Santarsiero. His record stinks.”

The ad begins running on Philadelphia broadcast stations and cable news on October 18th. A fifteen-second version will be up online. The overall buy is $2.2 million until Election Day.

5 Responses

  1. With no record of doing ANYTHING for the district, it seems pretty desperate for Trump-puppet Fitzpatrick to attack Santarsiero.

  2. There are back benchers on both sides who have long careers, but the home town folks love them.

  3. Advertisers like to be creative by having a “theme”, but they would’ve been better off skipping the pig noises and focusing on the fact he hasn’t ever passed a single piece of legislation despite being a career politician.

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