PA-8: Mike Fitzpatrick Cuts An Ad for His Brother (VIDEO)

Mike Fitzpatrick has entered the 2016 campaign.

The popular incumbent, who has won four of his five congressional contests, was re-elected by a 62% to 38% margin in 2014. He is also GOP nominee Brian Fitzpatrick’s older brother.

With the PA-8 contest between Fitzpatrick and Democratic nominee State Rep. Steve Santarsiero widely considered a toss-up, Mike is coming to his brother’s aid.

“Had enough of the partisan bickering? We’ve all seen the ads, but here’s the truth,” Congressman Fitzpatrick began. “Brian Fitzpatrick grew up in this home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. How do I know? He’s my brother.”

“And I can tell you, he’s not about solving problems as a Republican or a Democrat. He’s about solving problems as an American,” he concluded. “That’s why we need my brother in Congress.”

According to Brian Fitzpatrick’s campaign, this commercial is the focus of a six-figure media buy.

The 8th Congressional District represents all of Bucks County as well as parts of upper Montgomery County.

15 Responses

  1. Frankie said it right. Brian will be no differen tfrom Mike. That’ sad. Run on name only and hope no one notices. Can’t warm up to Steve either. I guess I’ll pick another.

  2. Porter Randolph, are you kidding? Santarsiero has milked the taxpayers for his 16 years of being a career politician, racking in per-diems and cushy perks. Fitz was a federal employee stationed overseas fighting terrorists and you’re bashing him for whatever benefits he received? What a joke. Way to espouse hypocritical nonsense that has nothing to do with reality whatsoever, and simultaneously puts down the hard work of men and women risking their lives every day while working for our federal agencies, while Harrisburg career politician Santarsiero has his fancy lunches reimbursed.

  3. Cryin Shitzcraptic is a federal pension teat sucking loser. Send him back to Cali, vote Steve. And by the way, I LIVE IN THE DISTRICT (but I guess my voice doesn’t count because I’m not a freakin Stepford wife like Salty, no, I’m “in the minority” whatever the freak that means).

  4. One is bad; the other worse. Surely there are better qualified candidates than the two put forth in the 8th District.

  5. frustrated- Your post makes the case for Brian Fitzpatrick as he is a political outsider. That is what the voters are looking for. Someone who is NOT beholden to the culture of politics. Brian Fitzpatrick is that refreshing voice.

  6. This ad makes my skin crawl. Scraping the bottom of the barrel to try and save this election for his inexperienced brother who knows nothing about being a politician. This, right here, is what’s wrong with politics.

  7. The haters do not understand the people in the 8th Congressional District. It is a swing district and the voters do their homework. Having done so, on election day the people will choose the most qualified candidate. That person is Brian Fitzpatrick. No doubt about it.

  8. “Nice try Mike?” Just strikes the reader as a bizarre thing to say about Mike Fitzpatrick, the Congressman who has successfully been re-elected to Congress over and over. Looks like Elizabeth Weiner has drunk the kool-aid.

    How about “nice try Santarsiero”, who as a career politician and empty suit, hasn’t passed a single bill or done anything, and yet now wants to take his record as a complete failure to DC. Nice try Santarsiero, an underperforming self-serving career politician, trying to convince the 8th District that he’s not everything that’s wrong with politics today.

  9. When do the brothers decide who gets to name the next family member to hold that seat? What if they both have a son that wants it? Do they flip a coin?

  10. So much salt here…Mike Fitzpatrick is a very popular incumbent and overwhelmingly re-elected by the 8th District. The haters either don’t live in the district or are in the minority. His brother is going to do a great job in Congress.

    the Self-Serving Sycophant Steve Santasiero will be forgotten shortly.

  11. Since I opted to assign myself personal term limits, please vote for my brother so that we can keep it “all in the family” and I can essentially get a third term by proxy. Nice try, Mike.

  12. “He’s not about solving problems. He’s about living on the dole as a do-nothing Congressman, just like his brother did. It’s the family business!”

  13. Wow – very powerful stuff. This is a great ad. It’s awesome to see something like this, considering all the negative ads that have been running lately – on both sides. Mike is a great man and representative for the area. Brian will be no different! He’s exactly what we need in Congress right now.

  14. Translation: He’s not me, but has the same last name, so ignore that he moved to California and just came back to trade on my name.”

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