PA-8: Naughton Endorsed by EMILY’s List

naughtonShaughnessy Naughton won the endorsement of EMILY’s List today.

The PA-8 Democratic candidate will receive the full support of the powerful political group.

“As a small business owner who grew up in a working family that struggled to make ends meet, Shaughnessy Naughton has what it takes to fight for economic policies that give all Pennsylvania families a fair shot,” said Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY’s List. “In Congress, she’ll use her unique background as a scientist to stand up for women’s health and to hold Republicans accountable for their attacks on the environment. Pennsylvania’s Eighth District is one of the most competitive districts in the country, and the EMILY’s List community of over three million members is excited to have the opportunity to help a Democratic woman as dynamic as Shaughnessy win this open seat.”

EMILY’s List backs pro-choice Democratic female candidates around the country and is a critical source of funding for its endorsees.

During the 2014 PA-8 Democratic primary, EMILY’s List support of Naughton was much more half-hearted. This was because her opponent, Kevin Strouse, was a top DCCC prospect.

This year Naughton is running against State Rep. Steve Santarsiero. Incumbent GOP Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is retiring.

The 8th district consists of all of Bucks County as well as part of upper Montgomery County. The seat is rated R+1.

13 Responses

  1. They don’t want a primary, they want Santasiero to drop out. The last primary wasn’t that expensive, Naughton wasn’t even on TV.

  2. Regardless of who one is for in this race, how is having an expensive Democratic “smart” for any Democrat? PhillySteve I think your logic is pretty flawed.

  3. Where are the Santasiero bots this time? The next step in this campaign is high-level Naughton surrogates calling up Santasiero supporters and telling them why they should bail. A lot of people backed Santasiero because he was the first in and being an elected official makes him hard to say no to. However at this stage in the game, the only way the dems have a chance is if they act quickly to make this a one person race.

    It shows how smart Naughton’s strategy was last time. She had no chance of beating Fitzpatrick and she knew it. She also knew Strouse had no chance. So she ran against Strouse despite him being hand picked by Pelosi and the DCCC. She could have dropped out from the race and been given the State Senate nomination as compensation, but she knew she’d lose that General Election as well.

    Instead, she focused on the one election she thought she could win all along, the 2016 General. Higher turnout will bring more Dems to the polls, and Fitzpatrick’s retirement means the GOP will have a much weaker candidate. The national party now knows who she is and knows they can’t bribe or pressure her out of the race, so they are essentially forced to support her in order to preserve their chances of victory in November.

  4. Rob, she’s the ONLY female in one of the most high profile OPEN House seats in the country. Not a surprise…and really not news. I agree it will help her but the group had no where else to go in this race.

  5. They’ve only endorsed in like 5 or 6 House races so far. The fact they’re highlighting her this early and making her a priority is significant.

  6. Yet another sign top Dems have coalesced around her. First DCCC and now EMILYS List. How long does Santasero stay in?

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