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PA-8: Naughton Endorsed by Inquirer

naughtonDemocratic candidate Shaughnessy Naughton received the endorsement of the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning in her race to represent Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District.

While the editorial praised both Democratic candidates, the Inquirer ultimately decided to throw its support behind Naughton.

“Two qualified candidates are vying for the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican Bucks County Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick in Pennsylvania’s most competitive congressional district,” they begin. “To their credit, both have waged civilized campaigns focused on their resumés and the issues.”

“Kevin Strouse’s background as an Army Ranger and CIA analyst suggests relevant experience in national security matters. But scientist and businesswoman SHAUGHNESSY NAUGHTON‘s grasp of a broad range of issues would make her a better match for Fitzpatrick in the fall,” the editorial board contends. “So would the Plumstead Township native’s roots in the district compared with Strouse, who moved to Bensalem last year.”

The Inquirer notes Naughton personal history as a chemist, asserting that Congress needs more candidates with a scientific background. They also back her efforts to push for the disclosure of the chemicals used in natural gas drilling.

“Naughton is cut from the middle-class cloth of the Eighth District, and she has the experience and ideas to represent it well in Washington,” they conclude.

“This endorsement is demonstrative of the momentum our grassroots campaign has been building since I began running for Congress last year,” Naughton responded. “My focus on middle-class growth and protecting our drinking water is resonating with voters throughout the Eighth District. I know this district as well as Mike Fitzpatrick, which is why I’m the best choice to be a fierce advocate for our shared middle-class values if given the chance to take him on in the fall.”

The Inquirer is the first newspaper to endorse in the race and is a notable presence in Bucks, one of Philly’s famed “collar counties”. It should be pointed out, though, that the 8th district no longer contains any part of Philadelphia. The Eighth is made up of all of Bucks County and parts of Upper Montgomery County. The major papers in those areas have yet to formally back any candidate.

Naughton and Strouse are battling to take on Republican incumbent Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick.

13 Responses

  1. By Naughton’s standards anyone who dresses up for Halloween as a scientist could claim they have a serious background in chemistry

  2. Naughton campaign all about her being a “scientist”– really? Answer this question, how long did she work as a scientist? Two years? and she only has an undergraduate degree? Correct?
    I have been in the healthcare industry my entire life (over 30 years) and every scientist I know has earned at a minimum a Masters, but most a PhD. She is full of it, and the people of our District know it, even if the Inquirer does not.

  3. Just to correct an assumption – the Inquirer has even endorsed Pitts in previous years, so they certainly give their nod to Repubs.

  4. Steve Santarsiero is the frontrunner for the D Nom. in 2016. He is a legit force. And he has run County wide before. Both of these guys are jokes not even from Bucks County.

  5. I wonder if the Philly Inquirer endorsed her because she’s a Philadelphian?

  6. I’ve been following this campaign on politicsPA for a while. I am 99% confident 8thDVotes is Strouse’s intern or wife

  7. In what universe does Naughton have a broad grasp of issues? She is about as knowledgeable about public policy as the brick wall behind her in that picture

  8. I dunno, Naughton seems awfully confident, and I haven’t actually seen the Strouse ads on TV all that often.

  9. Obviously Naughton’s campaign will be happy with this, but I’d question how “big” it is. I’m not sure a newspaper endorsement is going to make up for Strouse being on TV all month.

  10. For Naughton, this is big. Defeating Strouse in the primary this year means she’s the front runner next time…when Fitzpatrick will not be on the ballot.

  11. I would have expected an editorial board to see through the BS of being registered to vote at her mom’s house while living in Philly.

  12. “So would the Plumstead Township native’s roots in the district compared with Strouse, who moved to Bensalem last year.”


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