PA-8: Naughton Slams Santarsiero in New Ad (VIDEO)

Shaughnessy Naughton’s campaign is closing with the message that her opponent, State Rep. Steve Santarsiero is lying about his record and can’t be trusted.

In a new thirty-second spot, titled “Say Anything”, Naughton’s team continues hitting Santarsiero for claims he made in direct mailers about his legislative accomplishments.

“Why should we trust a Harrisburg politician like Steve Santarsiero, who will say anything to win an election,” the narrator begins before recounting a bit of the recent back-and-forth.

“We just can’t trust Steve Santarsiero,” the narrator concludes before Naughton gives the customary outro approval message, which features the endorsement of former Governor Ed Rendell.

The Naughton campaign stated that this ad will be airing on broadcast and cable TV from Wednesday through Election Day. The two are set to debate Thursday morning in Bristol.

The 8th Congressional District represents all of Bucks County as well as parts of upper Montgomery County.

11 Responses

  1. Porter,

    The thing is, no one would care about the fact that Steve has never passed anything if Steve hadn’t literally put out mailers claiming to have passed something 54 times.

  2. Pennsylvania has 203 State Representatives and 50 State Senators. If a “record of accomplishment” meant having to personally author and pass a bill or multiple bills every year, the legislative process would be mired in redundant and unnecessary legislation just to pass 253 laws every year. Steve has certainly written bills, but the fact that none of them passed is not an indication of his effectiveness, but the fact that he has been in the minority or with a Republican governor (sometimes both) during his entire tenure. Steve provides superior constituent service and represents the district with his votes. Naughton has done none of this, written no bills, passed no laws, voted on no bills, and has not provided a single constituent with service. Because she has never served as she was too busy stuffing her fat face.

  3. And just who has accomplished much with this anti-action State Legislature in the control of legislators who fail to pass budgets, bloated their own pensions and continue to con the voters of PA because they fear political retribution or being primaries by their right wing for actually trying to negotiate political/economic differences.
    We elected a lot of people who openly proclaimed they didn’t like government.
    Then we pretend these people’s elections could give us good government when they have actually degraded its function and failed in their duties.

  4. While I don’t care for Naughton, she’s right. Santarsiero has accomplished absolutely nothing as a legislator.

  5. Any poll will be skewed because Santarsiero has been in office for a while, 16 years, as a career politician. His name ID could be higher and he could still lose.

  6. Attack ads are meant to suppress turnout. Why does shaughnessy not want this?

  7. Shaunessey’s polling shows her losing. That’s why she’s going hard negative. That’s what you do when you’re losing this late in the game.

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