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PA-8: NRCC Embraces Fitzpatrick, Adds Him to “Young Guns” Group

Brian-FitzpatrickBrian Fitzpatrick continues to consolidate his standing as the new GOP front-runner in the open PA-8 race.

Just two months ago, it was State Rep. Scott Petri who was being included on the NRCC’s “On the Radar” list.

But when Brian Fitzpatrick, younger brother of retiring incumbent Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick, jumped into the race the ground quickly began to shift. Less than two weeks later, Petri dropped out.

Now Fitzpatrick is the one getting plaudits from the NRCC as they’ve named him to their Young Guns” program.

The political newcomer got another piece of good news when it was revealed today that Dean Malik is also dropping out of the GOP primary. As a result, the only other Republican candidates in the primary are former Bucks County Commissioner Andrew Warren and neuropsychologist Marc Duome.

DCCC Spokesman Jermaine House swiftly condemned the switch.

“Though Brian Fitzpatrick moved from California to Pennsylvania last month, he has already made the NRCC Young Guns program,” said House. “Brian Fitzpatrick has not yet raised huge funds nor garnered huge endorsements to both make the list and oust his primary frontrunner Scott Petri who appears to have been unceremoniously shoved out of the race. However, Brian is the brother of the current representative Mike Fitzpatrick, which seems to be sufficient for the NCCC to clear the field for him.”

“Within a month of Brian’s move from California, Washington Republicans are already trying to push an outsider on Pennsylvanians,” House concluded. “Republicans clearly believe that a familiar last name is all it takes to be the most qualified Republican to run in this district – but  Bucks County residents want actual solutions to Washington’s dysfunction.”

PoliticsPA reached out to NRCC Spokesman Chris Pack for a response.

“Brian Fitzpatrick has a distinguished record of service to our country and exemplifies what it means to be a patriot,” Pack stated. “Fitzpatrick served as an FBI agent in Operation Iraqi Freedom and has made a career in the FBI fighting political corruption and traveling the globe supporting global counterterrorism efforts. No wonder the DCCC is spooked by Fitzpatrick’s impressive resume and are attacking him out of the gate.”

19 Responses

  1. Nice red herrings. Small businesses don’t relocate when you jack the minimum wage, they close. The data are clear, the day the minimum wage was jacked, thousands lost their jobs or had their hours slashed. Those pawns don’t matter to the limousine liberals. “Win-win”??? Maybe for you,

  2. The AEI analysis is biased and bogus. Independent analysis found when NJ raised its minimum wage there was no mass migration of businesses relocating to PA. It’s simply not cost-effective for medium and small-size businesses to relocate. When they stay put they benefit from a happier and more productive workforce. Raising the minimum wage is a win-win for everyone. Workers receive more income, businesses are more productive and government receives more tax revenue.

  3. Why would Brother Brian win over blue-collar Dems? Does he support raising the minimum wage? Does he support paid family and medical leave? Does he support Obamacare? Does he support organized labor? Does he support protecting Social Security? Does he support tough gun control laws? These are the issue working-class voters are concerned about. But I get the feeling Brother Brian is more concerned about protecting rich people and rich corporations.

  4. Brian Fitzpatrick is an Eagle Scout who grew up in Bucks County. A product of Bishop Egan and Levittown Brian is most likely going to take many working class democrat voters away from Santarsero.
    But that’s assuming that Santarsero can beat Shaugnessy Naughton. She has consistantly out fund raised him in every quarter and has significantly more cash on hand.

    After a bloody primary enough of Lower Bucks democrats will vote for Fitzpatrick and take away the base of either Democrat candidate.

    Maybe John Cordisco and Diane Marseglia shouldnt have stuck it to the Galloway family last year.

    Fitzpatrick by 8

  5. Pat Murphy and Brian Fitzpatrick are both qualified. Santarsiero supporters now want to denigrate those who prosecute terrorists. Puke.

  6. Where is his website? I would like to learn more about him but it seems he’s staying hidden.

  7. There is no birth right to a seat in congress. I recall the rage against Pat Murphy calling him a carpet bagger. If you make the rules…you are stuck with them.

  8. Will Brother Brian protect us from the gun nuts? How about the trigger-happy white cops? We have a greater chance being killed by them than terrorists.

  9. Has he moved into the district yet? If not, when is he expected?? Bet he won’t recognize all the changes in bucks county since he moved away years ago.

  10. Another “hereditary” politician gets party establishment backing. Whoa, what a surprise.

  11. Bucks Voter: look deeper. It wasn’t just ISIS, Brian also worked for the Political Corruption Unit and convicted the the same sleaze bags you support.
    I’ve known Brian for a long time, he grew up here. He is a local boy ‘done good.’

  12. We understand that service to your country sometimes means receiving your mail far from home.

  13. If Brother Brian wanted to run for Congress why didn’t he run for a seat in California? That’s his home.

  14. The sun-kissed carpetbagger from California isn’t fooling anyone. Perhaps I would be more impressed with Brother Brian if he was chasing and arresting corporate criminals rather than fictional ISIS operatives.

  15. I wonder if Mr. House or the DCCC remember 2014 when they tried to push a D.C. insider down Pennsylvanian’s throats. No? Didn’t think so.

    Brian was serving his country fighting corruption and terrorists. Checkmate.

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