PA-8: NRCC Goes After Santarsiero in New TV Spot (VIDEO)

The NRCC is ratcheting up the fight against Steve Santarsiero.

In a new thirty-second spot, titled “Dead End”, the GOP take aim at some of Santarsiero’s votes as a Township Supervisor and State Representative.

“Steve Santarsiero has voted repeatedly for higher taxes, driving good-paying jobs away,” the narrator states. “Santarsiero voted for higher poverty taxes as township supervisor. He voted for higher income taxes as state legislator. And he’ll vote for higher taxes again in Washington.”

“Self-serving politician Steve Santarsiero: A dead end for Pennsylvania,” it concludes.

This commercial comes the same day as Brian Fitzpatrick’s new ad focusing on the heroin epidemic. It is also the second NRCC spot launched against Santarsiero.

The 8th Congressional District represents all of Bucks County as well as parts of upper Montgomery County.

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6 thoughts on “PA-8: NRCC Goes After Santarsiero in New TV Spot (VIDEO)”

  1. Sean Ryan says:

    Fitzpatrick by 6

  2. Porter Randolph says:

    Cryin Shitzcraptic will definitely be raising poverty taxes while Trump pays nothing

  3. SlipperySteve says:

    Why are the national Democrats pulling their money out of my race?

  4. gulagPittsburgh says:

    “Poverty” taxes must be the GOP plan to suppress the poor. But the GOP will argue that raising “poverty” taxes will incentivize the poor to work harder to get out of poverty, so they can then enjoy the loopholes in taxation for the rich.

  5. gulagPittsburgh says:

    Never heard of “poverty” taxes before.

  6. smarter says:

    Career politician Santar-zero won’t like this ad.

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