PA-8: NRCC Hits Santarsiero On Legislative Record

081025_gop_logoThe National Republican Congressional Committee is launching a website aimed at PA-8 Democratic nominee Steve Santarsiero.

The website, entitled, prominently displays the number of days the State Rep. has been in office, currently over 2700, and the number of bills the state representative has signed into law, which is currently none.

The site’s logo features Santarsiero’s name in print with a letter Z emblazoned in the center, changing the reading to “Santarzero.”

“It’s no wonder that Steve Santarsiero was called out for lying when he was touting his legislative accomplishments because the truth is that he doesn’t have any legislative accomplishments despite being a Harrisburg politician for over seven years,” NRCC Spokesman Chris Pack. “Steve Santarsiero thinks he deserves to be a federal lawmaker even though he hasn’t passed a single law in his seven-plus years as a state ‘lawmaker.’”

Pack is referring to a direct mailer the Santarsiero campaign sent out last month during the Democratic primary. He literature, which stated that the legislator “wrote PA’s gun safety law” was rated false by Politifact Pennsylvania.

Santarsiero is running against GOP nominee Brian Fitzpatrick, an ex-FBI agent and younger brother to incumbent Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.

The 8th Congressional District represents all of Bucks County as well as parts of upper Montgomery County.

9 Responses

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  3. Hey Brad Kirsch – There’s a Republican majority in Congress as well. Are you saying Steve S will fail in Congress the way he’s failed in the Pennsylvania House? It’s not about party, it’s about electing the best candidate. I’m assuming you’re a Dem so you’ll support the Dem candidate no matter how big of a failure they are. Steve talks a big game, but he’s a clown.

  4. With the way our legislature is dominated by Republicans, it is near impossible for any Democrat to pass a bill yet alone get it heard. That’s why Wolf is ultimately screwed in a lot of ways. The vast majority of bills he can either sign or veto will be Republican ones- in either case he looks bad.

  5. Believing that a Democrat could get anything passed in the Republican controlled State Legislature is a mistake in logic. But more than that it ignores the fact that the legislatures controlled by conservative elements that have hurt this states ability to modernize and attract businesses other than those that continue to exploit our resources while leaving those who live here needing a path to participate in building their own lives and fortunes.

    This type of attack is the most horrible twisting of reality that these PAC’s are permitted to finance and get away with publishing.

    I hope Mr. Santarsiero wins in a Democratic landslide so they can reverse the effects of the Citizen’s United decision that allows these snipers a safe refuge in the bushes the political process.

  6. You’re right Gulag, Fitzpatrick’s legislative accomplishments are exactly the same as Santarsiero’s, despite Santarsiero being a 4-term rep and Fitzpatrick having only worked in law enforcement.

  7. And the legislative accomplishments of Fitzpatrick are what, other than being the incumbent’s brother?

  8. I’m curious to see if Brian Fitzpatrick will condemn this website since he signed a civility pledge.

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