PA-8: NRCC Hits Santarsiero Over Expenses in New TV Ad (VIDEO)

Consider it a form of political jujutsu.

In his first commercial, State Rep. and Democratic nominee Steve Santarsiero emphasized the fact that he doesn’t use a state car or take per diems.

So now the NRCC is up with a response ad criticizing Santarsiero for billing the miles, hotels and meals compiled on the road as expenses.

“Santarsiero hit up taxpayers for nearly fifty grand of travel expenses,” a narrator states. “Twenty four thousand in mileage. Twenty four thousand in hotels. And eight hundred dollars for food.”

The thirty-second spot, titled “Perks”, also hits the Democrat on taxes.

“Now Santarsiero is running misleading ads to hide his votes for higher taxes,” the narrator concludes. “Steve Santarsiero. Taxpayer-funded perks for him. Higher taxes for you.”

Santarsiero is running against Republican nominee, and younger brother to the retiring incumbent Congressman, Brian Fitzpatrick.

The 8th Congressional District represents all of Bucks County as well as parts of upper Montgomery County.

11 Responses

  1. Steve Santarsiero does not have a state car or take the per diem daily expense reimbursement available to state legislators. Those are his claims. We can look at financial data from Harrisburg to show the reimbursements to state legislators.

  2. Porter Randolph: “A 200 mile round trip from Bucks County results in $108 dollars in reimbursable mileage according to the IRS.”

    It doesn’t cost $108 to travel 200 miles.

  3. Notice how they forgot to mention this was for 7 years worth of work? $800 for food sounds like like less than $115 per year. Some in Harrisburg can spend that per week! I would love to know the average spent by representatives per year and Santarserio’s yearly average and then we can talk

  4. As Porter Randolph points out, a state car would have cost more, over the past 7 years. Way to totally look like dopes, NRCC.

  5. He had a choice of either the state car OR the mileage. He choice the mileage reimbursement instead of the state car, and is trying to take credit for not accepting the perks, even though he took one of the two options.

  6. Idiots, that is $50k over more than 7 years or less than $7k a year. If you frequently travel to Harrisburg from Bucks County, the miles add up. A 200 mile round trip from Bucks County results in $108 dollars in reimbursable mileage according to the IRS. A mere 65 trips to Harrisburg per year would result in $7,000 a year and that’s not counting other reimbursable expenses. I was reimbursed for mileage when I was on jury duty in Bucks County last week. Does that make me “dirty” for accepting a reimbursement from the government for my expenses?

  7. see he actually lives in his district (Does Fitz?) so when the work week is over in Harrisburg he actually returns home and serves his constituents. Fitz is the definition of a carpet bagger

  8. It’s a weird thing if he is getting reimbursed by the taxpayers 50k a year, for campaigning for Congress, which is basically what is happening.

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