PA-8: Q1: Brian Fitzpatrick Fundraising Breakdown

Brian-FitzpatrickMuch has changed in the race for the GOP nomination in PA-8 since 2016 dawned.

What once looked like State Rep. Scott Petri’s race to lose has now become dominated by Brian Fitzpatrick, younger brother of the incumbent Congressman.

Since Petri dropped out, Fitzpatrick has become the undisputed front-runner. In fact, one of his opponent’s has yet to file an FEC report while the other has so few contributors you can count them on two hands.

As a result, we’ll just be looking at Fitzpatrick’s Q1 report, which runs from January 1st to April 6th. Click here if you’d like to read our piece on the Democratic primary between Shaughnessy Naughton and Steve Santarsiero.

Top-Line Numbers

The first-time candidate raised $452,203.48 in his inaugural effort. He spent just $38,826.42, leaving him with a cash on hand total of $413,377.06.

Just a few notes before we dive into the report. The campaign had to refund $200 worth of contributions. They also have $18,839.84 in outstanding debts to Samsar Consulting, LN Consulting and the Washington Crossing Inn.


Fitzpatrick received $53,020 in PAC money this cycle.

The biggest contributors were Kevin McCarthy’s Majority Committee PAC, CULAC, the American Society of Anesthesiologists PAC and NECAPAC who each gave $5,000. Meanwhile, the Financial Businesspersons Association PAC and WAKEPAC also contributed $3,000 in addition to the $2,700 thrown in by Congressman Thompson’s Greater Tomorrow PAC.

KPMG Partners/Principals & Employees PAC and COLEPAC chipped in $2,500. $2,000 came from PETEPAC and BLAINEPAC as well as $1,500 from Congressman Costello’s RACPAC.

Fitzpatrick got $1,000 checks each from First in Freedom PAC, Clark Hill PAC, American Security PAC, MIMI PAC, Relight America PAC, SUSAN PAC and Upper Hand Fund.

The new-comer also received help from a number of PA elected officials including: Tom Panzer ($370), Tommy Tomlinson ($240), Joe DiGirolamo ($560), Frank Ferry ($1,000), Gene DiGirolamo ($1,000), Charlie Dent ($1,000), Brett Guthrie ($1,000) and Luke Messer ($1,000).


Most of the money spent by campaigns usually goes to staff and routine bills for office supplies. We like to take a look, however, at the where the rest of the cash goes.

For instance, $2,640 was spent on Samsar Consulting and another $1,000 on LN Consulting.

As for printing, $2,019 and $1,665 went to Page Printing and Associated Printing & Graphics respectively.

Finally, $1,500 went towards website development from NetStride and $795 to Video Gold Productions.

5 Responses

  1. Path of least resistence? Brian shows up coincidently at the same time his bro retires…
    Nepotism at its best. Both parties need to clean up their act.

  2. Santarsiero didn’t run sooner because he is a career politician who goes the path of least resistance and doesn’t like to take risks. Open seat is how he became State Rep and he waited until Mike Fitz stepped down to run for that seat. Let’s see how a completely broke and battered Santarsiero goes against a well funded Fitzpatrick. Nobody even likes him in the State House – like 6 of his 83 colleagues supported his campaign.

  3. Ugh. Dems blew a huge opportunity here. Naughton and Santosero kill each other and waste $2million doing so while another Republican legacy walks into the job without so much of a protest. I suspect Naughton loses to Santosero who in turn gets crushed by Fitzptrick the younger. Thanks Steve! If you really wanted to represent the district, why didn’t you run against Mike F over the past 10 years instead of waiting for an opening. Typical entrenched political opportunist pissing away another Dem opportunity.

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