PA-8: Q1: Fitzpatrick Raises $450,000

Brian-FitzpatrickIt’s been a busy 2016 for Brian Fitzpatrick.

The younger brother of retiring incumbent Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick entered the PA-8 race in late January.

By the end of March, however, he raised over $450,000.

That’s according to his campaign, who also revealed that he has more than $410,000 cash on hand. These numbers suggest Fitzpatrick hasn’t had to spend much so far.

Fitzpatrick is running in the GOP primary against former Bucks County Commissioner Andrew Warren and neuropsychologist Marc Duome in the April 26th GOP primary.

They haven’t revealed their totals yet and neither has Democratic candidate Shaughnessy Naughton. Her opponent, State Rep. Steve Santarsiero, self-reported a $400,000 first quarter haul.

The 8th Congressional District represents all of Bucks County as well as parts of upper Montgomery County.

7 Responses

  1. Bucks needs a congressman that has lived in the district for the past several years. How does living in LaLa Land qualify Brian Fitzpatrick to represent this district? Quite frankly, it doesn’t. Does this guy even belong to the Pennsylvania State Bar association? You wouldn’t know it from the public statements and campaign literature he’s released. What did he do in Iraq, what legal specialty did he study in law school? Nothing but vague information available, pig in a poke, I guess… Quick move into the district because his brother is retiring? Seems too opportunistic and a willingness to ride his brother’s coat tails without paying his dues. What private sector experience does this guy have? None that I have seen or heard from him. Who paid for his education? Us taxpayers?

    No experience, never held elected office? So Bucks has to wait until this wet-behind-the-ears noob gets some experience? Bucks needs someone who can represent the district NOW, who’s familiar with our needs and problems, not someone who’s only apparent experience is doing what his bosses told him to do and has zero experience as an elected official serving the district. It seems like he thinks he can throw his name out there and we all continue to vote because he’s trying to fly under the radar and doesn’t want people to know he isn’t THAT Fiztpatrick, taking advantage of an intentional confusion over the name, seems a little shady. And what happens if he loses? I guess he’ll go right back to California probably, is that really what Bucks needs, someone who didn’t even want to live in the district until he saw a political opportunity because of his name? Too many questions and unknowns about Fitzpatrick to take him seriously in the short time between when he decided to run and the primary election. Get established back in Bucks first for several years before running for elected office here, so the taxpayers can get to know you and prove that you are one of us, not a California resident looking to live off the taxpayers of Bucks County for the next two years because of his last name and an opportunity to put something else on his resume.

  2. That’s it? Pathetic for a virtually unopposed Republican in a Republican district. Santarsiero and Naughton combined almost doubled that. Sounds like some Republican donors are sitting this one out. Or with the Risoldis out of action, there’s not much left.

  3. His incumbent brother leaned on his supporters and called in a few favors, so the money flowed like water.

  4. That’s good with the money and I’m hoping there might be more money in the way for Brian Fitzpatrick.

  5. Considering that’s without his brother’s leftover PAC money or the NRCC’s millions, that’s a pretty good haul. R’s are going to have a ton of money to defend this seat.

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