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PA-8: Q1: Naughton Raises $140K

naughtonThe topline numbers are in for the first fundraising quarter of the PA-8 Democratic primary.

Last week, State Rep. Steve Santarsiero announced his team raised $222,000.

PoliticsPA has learned that his opponent, Shaughnessy Naughton, brought in just over $140,000.

One important distinction is that Santarsiero launched his campaign on January 8th while Naughton announced her entry on March 5th. Therefore, Santarsiero’s total is a three-month haul yet Naughton only had one month to raise cash.

Candidates often adjust their announcements to the quarterly fundraising calendar. That’s why, for example, so many presidential candidates are declaring their candidacy this month, since April is the start of the second fundraising quarter.

The Naughton camp received money from 395 donors, with 183 giving $100 or less. They also stated that the candidate did not contribute any of her own money to the campaign (a frequently used tactic to boost numbers early on).

The 8th district is comprised of Bucks County and parts of upper Montgomery County. It is currently being represented by retiring Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.

16 Responses

  1. Did Santersiero even wait until he was sworn in for his latest term in the state House before announcing that he would run for higher political office?

  2. Ill give her money just to spare everyone in the 8th and anyone who reads news from her squawking about being a scientist (Oh wait she isn’t really one). I’d love to see her raise money from or talk about her pretty much fake REAL ESTATE business, but wait she won’t.

  3. Wow Davey boy can spout off as many lies he wants about kane’s enemy’s, but you remove porno dave and jmarshak for a couple jokes. Welcome to the people’s republic of Politics Pa. That’s all Liberals have left, trying to silence the people. By the way, whoever of these two libs wins the primary will get crushed in the general. So why are we wasting time here?

  4. Wow. Impressive work by Naughton. So much for the Santarsiero juggernaut. This is gonna be a dog fight to the finish.

  5. Great first month for Naughton! She’s the real deal in PA-08. Santarsiero is Bucks County’s “least effective” legislator. In fact, he hasn’t gotten a single bill signed into law yet in Harrisburg. He’d be an awful federal representative, especially compared to Fitzpatrick who is everywhere and does everything. Give your money to Naughton.

  6. Amen, David Diano. Maybe that is why jmarshak, bungy and Porno dave are hidden behind fake names. What they are saying is so stupid and childish, that they would never be brave enough to own it.

  7. jmarshak, bungy and Porno dave-

    You three seemed engaged in a three-way with each other.

    This would explain why you are unable to correctly assess Naughton attractiveness. You think her appearance matters, which just demonstrates how devoid of substance you are. Your various references to her “hotness” serve as a reminder of what’s wrong with the white-male-GOP establishment and why we need more women in elected public office.

    What’s next? Judging her on her baking skills?

  8. I haven’t seen Sestak’s quarterly report, but these candidates seem to be raising money at a faster clip than Sestak, who is trying to run statewide.

  9. Once again, the national groups with no grasp of Bucks County are weighing in, last time it was for the Iraq veteran with no experience, this time it’s the woman with no experience. Please, Democrats, don’t run another cheerful novice against a GOP candidate with experience and a track record. This is why the D’s keep losing.

  10. I’m curious how this compares to her 1st report last cycle. Same donors as last time, or is she drawing new support? Getting Ed Rendells endorsement so much earlier this cycle was a big improvement, and this shows Steve S announcing didn’t suck the air out of her sails, so far. If she’s a quick study and really fearlessly evaluated what went wrong for her last time, she could out preform expectations.

  11. It won’t matter when State Rep Gene Digirolamo enters the race. They can each have $30 Million to spend and still lose by 10 points to him.

  12. Should be a close primary and a close general. But I’d give the edge to Naughton. She did really well in ’14 with almost no help. This time around a lot of the DC women’s groups are on board for her.

  13. I’m more concerned about the fact that Democrats in PA-8 just raised $360k, which would be a GREAT quarter for one candidate, except they’re basically going to set it on fire in a needless primary.

  14. This is the low-hanging fruit for both Naughton and Santarsiero, so I don’t really give any credence to the whole “She raised it in just a month!” argument.

    Honestly, I would expect them both to have done a bit better, but I would really have expected Naughton to do better. She *just* ran for office last cycle, and it was an open secret that she was going to go again. True, Santarsiero is an established politician, but the jump from running for state rep to running for Congress is absurd money-wise. I would expect that, maybe, Santarsiero has raised $500,000 in an entire cycle before?

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