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PA-8: Q1: Santarsiero Raises Over $400K

santarsieroSteve Santarsiero had a productive 2016.

The Democratic Congressional candidate announced today that he raised over $400,000 during the first three months of this year.

This is not only Santarsiero’s personal best but a better haul than any other PA-8 candidate has raised so far.

“I’m proud of my record of results working for our shared progressive values and I’m proud of the grassroots support that our campaign has built,” said Steve Santarsiero. “In the State House, I turned a Republican-held seat blue and I know with the momentum we have, we are on track to win the primary in April and put this Congressional seat back into the Democratic column come November.”

Santarsiero’s campaign also asserted that they have raised over 60% of their funds from within the district and 88% from within the state. Shaughnessy Naughton, on the other hand, raised 10% and 58% from the district and state respectively.

Finally, Santarsiero stated that he didn’t self-finance at all during this quarter.

The 8th Congressional District represents all of Bucks County as well as parts of upper Montgomery County.

12 Responses

  1. Rich and out of touch career politician Santarsiero who people pay lip-service to, but who nobody actually likes. Fitzpatrick by 5 points, easy.

  2. Ask Steve and his wife to release their taxes. Heard she makes $800,000 a year…. as a tobacco attorney.

  3. I like Congressional Candidates who raise their money – and their volunteers – from within their own District. It’s empowering to the people who will vote for them, and it limits those “outside influences” that money seems to have on elected officials.

    “According to public reports to date, Santarsiero has raised over 60% of his funds from within the 8th District and 88% from within Pennsylvania.”

    As one of the unpaid organizers for him, I can tell you that his volunteer base is broad and local – also unpaid.

    Steve has raised money and volunteers from among US. That’s not the only reason that I support him with my time and energy, but it suggests that I am not alone in that opinion; more than 80% of my fellow elected Committeepeople from the 8th Congressional District in Bucks and Montgomery Counties agree with me. We are not “Party Hacks” or “Insiders”, but Democrats who have been elected by the Democrats in our precincts. Steve Santarsiero was endorsed NOT by the County Bosses, but by 85%+ of the 300 Committeepeople who attended the Bucks County Endorsement Meeting in January. The results in Montgomery County were similar.

    M-O-N-E-Y is an evil in politics, but right now it’s a Necessary Evil, and WHERE the money comes from is important to me.

    It should be to you, too.

  4. Hey Bucks Blue Collar, you can be happy Steve raised the amount of money he did, but you can’t claim he’ll actually “do something.” He’s been the most ineffective legislator from the Bucks County Delegation. In all his years he’s never passed a bill into law.

  5. Happy to see someone who will actually do something in the House have a good quarter. Seems all to often that members of Congress get rewarded for slacking off.

  6. Too little, too late. Naughton has outraised him quite handily every full quarter she’s been in this race. Given her COH advantage after the last reporting period, he probably would have had to have raised at least half a million in Q1 to cut into her advantageous cash lead.

  7. He said he didn’t self-finance at all. The lie detector determined that was a lie!

  8. Naughton has peaked. I actually think she was looking poised for an upset, but her 2016 has been weak. Santarsiero rolls out endorsements day after day, has a vastly superior advertising and seems to be running a good race. Naughton is nowhere. If Santarsiero is out raising her now too, her path is mighty narrow. Santarsiero by six.

  9. He is known for the “most of my colleagues dislike me because I’m a pompous know-it-all” Act of 2008-2016, which guarantees no future of becoming part of the leadership in the State House and forces career politicians to desperately look to other avenues – see the “Desperate Congressional run of 2016”.

  10. okay at raising money…doing literally anything during his time in the Legislature? not so much.

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